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How To Fix A Corrupted SD Card Without Formatting: 3 Working Methods


Technology has made life easier. The advancement in technology has pushed us to adopt modern data storage methods and there are more photo recovery apps than before. With the use of computers, phones, and cameras, we can video, record, and store data in the form of photos, music, videos, and files for later reference.

With the use of this digitalized equipment comes the need for storage spaces. SD card is very convenient in carrying large capacity files, easy to carry around, and portable, but the risks are dire if the device gets Corrupted.

What Are The Causes Of SD Corruption

Like any other storage device, an SD card is not immune to destruction, corruption, and wear

thus they can sustain this damage from both the external and internal elements. For the best SD card recovery options, follow the link. Otherwise, here are some of the factors that can lead to damage of an SD card:

  • Corrupted file system
  • Malware problems or virus invasion
  • Physical damage to SD card
  • Oversites from manufacturer
  • Improper insertion and ejection of the device

What Are The Signs Of A Corrupted SD Card?

Every machine is bound to break down once in a while. For instance, you can quickly lose photos on a Canon camera when it breaks down. Follow this link for some ways to recover photos on Canon camera. The breakdown may, however, not be as sudden. The signs are always there before the bing bang takes place. Below are some of the things you can look out for in a compromised SD card.

  • There is no presence of stored data despite having files on the device is a good sign for a compromised SD card.
  • The presence of unknown files that you cannot open is a huge indicator of a compromised SD card.
  • Unreadable SD cards are a red flag for a corrupt SD card; however, they can also indicate other SD issues.
  • Error messages from the Windows operating system asking you to format the disk before using it is a definite sign of a corrupted SD card.
  • Inaccessible read and write when you transfer files or try to transfer files Multiple times before you succeed.
  • Slow performance is another indicator, especially if file transfer takes ages to complete the process.

3 Sure Ways To Fix A Corrupted SD Card

1. Use Data Recovery Software

Software solutions are one of the safest ways you can use to repair a compromised SD card. For instance, Disk Drill by CleverFiles has more than two scanning methods that recover lost files and repair damaged files in the process of recovery.

In addition, Disk Drill Basic is free and allows up to 500MB free data recovery. You can use it for SD memory card recovery. As a photographer, you can use Disk Drill as photo recovery software that offers file backup that can support SD, SDXC, SDHC, and a large variety of file formats. To use disk drill software, you can follow through the steps below.

  • Download and install disk drill by CleverFiles
  • Launch the app on your PC.
  • Connect the SD card to your PC
  • Select SD card and find search for lost data and click on it.
  • Look for files you want to recover and click on the recover button.
  • Select the recovery destination and proceed to recovery by hitting the OK button.

If you have tried all possible solutions with no results, you might want to opt for the services of an expert in data recovery. Who is more skilled in handling data recovery that is beyond software solutions.

2. Put The Diskpart Command Into Use

Diskpart command on Windows is a great way to go if you are not for the formatting option. However, it’s important to note that having more than one device attached to your PC might lead to confusion, hence selecting the wrong device. Fix your SD card by following the process below:

  • Using the SD card reader connect the SD to your PC.
  • Go to the area and key in ‘cmd,’ and choose run as administrator.
  • Key in Diskpart and hit enter, and repeat the same with ‘list disk.’
  • Type select disk(the SD correspondent number) and hit enter.
  • Type recover and press enter, wait for the refreshing of your SD card.

3. Fix SD Card Using The System Repair Tools On Windows

You have a chance with windows despair tools on windows if you aren’t for formatting. The device can be triggered manually or self-launch itself once the corrupt SD card is has been connected to the PC. To use the windows repair tools, you should:

  • Search for this PC once there select this PC
  • On the SD card, right-click and choose properties
  • Look for tools and then the ‘check’ option and click on it.
  • Look for the scan and repair drive and click on it.