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How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Mapping Issues


Are you frustrated with your Shark robot vacuum’s mapping issues? Having trouble navigating and efficiently cleaning your home? Look no further! We’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll guide you through fixing the mapping issues of your Shark robot vacuum, ensuring a seamless cleaning experience. We’ll provide step-by-step solutions, from troubleshooting incomplete maps to updating the app. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a cleaner home with your Shark robot vacuum. Let’s dive in and get those mapping issues resolved!

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1. Restart Explore Run

To resolve mapping issues with your Shark robot vacuum, try restarting the explore run to ensure a more accurate map of your home. Start by placing the robot in the centre of the room and press the clean button twice. Wait for the exploration to finish. By restarting the mapping process, you can identify missed or unrecognized areas that may have caused inaccuracies in the map. The robot will explore your home from scratch during the restart, giving it a fresh perspective.

This simple step can help resolve any mapping issues you may be experiencing, allowing your Shark robot vacuum to navigate your home more effectively.

2. Remove Any Obstacles

Make sure to remove any obstacles blocking the path of your Shark robot vacuum so it can navigate your home without any hindrances. Objects like wires, toys, and high-pile carpets can block the vacuum’s view and affect navigation. Open all doors to allow the vacuum to move freely and scan every corner accurately. By following these steps, the device can achieve seamless mapping results.

Removing physical obstacles ensures proper navigation and prevents the vacuum from getting stuck or missing areas. The robot needs a clear and obstacle-free path to create an accurate map of your home. So, take a few minutes to declutter and remove any items obstructing the vacuum’s movement. This will help your Shark robot vacuum clean efficiently and effectively.

3. Make Sure The Robot is Fully Charged

Ensure your Shark robot vacuum is fully charged before mapping to avoid interruptions. A fully charged battery will ensure the vacuum can complete the scanning without dying midway, resulting in an incomplete map. Connect the vacuum to the charging dock and wait until the battery is fully charged. Once the vacuum is charged, you can confidently begin the mapping process, knowing it won’t be interrupted.

This will ensure that the map generated is accurate and comprehensive, allowing the vacuum to navigate your home efficiently. So, before you start mapping, ensure your Shark robot vacuum is fully charged to avoid any interruptions.

4. Update the Application & Pair Robot Again

First, update your Shark Clean app to the latest version. This will ensure that it’s compatible with your robot vacuum and equipped with the latest features and bug fixes. Once updated, try pairing your robot vacuum again. This will establish a strong connection between your device and the vacuum, enabling the app to map your home and provide an accurate cleaning experience.

During the pairing process, make sure to follow the instructions provided in the app. This will help you complete the pairing and ensure a seamless mapping experience.

5. Factory Reset Your Shark Robot

To resolve any persistent issues with your Shark robot, try factory resetting it for a fresh start and improved performance. Factory resetting your Shark robot can help resolve any software glitches or errors causing mapping issues. To factory reset your robot, locate the reset button on the underside of the robot and press and hold it for about 10 seconds until you hear a beep.

This will restore your robot to its original factory settings and clear any previous mapping data. After the reset, you can restart your robot and start the mapping process from scratch. This can often solve mapping issues and ensure accurate and efficient navigation throughout your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Reset the Mapping on My Shark Robot Vacuum?

Press and hold the Dock and Spot buttons to reset the mapping on your Shark robot vacuum. This will clear the existing map and allow the vacuum to create a new, accurate one.

What Should I Do if My Shark Robot Vacuum Is Having Difficulty Navigating?

If your Shark robot vacuum is having difficulty navigating, clean the sensors and remove any obstacles in its path. Ensure it’s in a clear area, and try resetting the mapping.

How Can I Ensure That My Shark Robot Vacuum Creates an Accurate Map of My Home?

To ensure an accurate map, make sure your Shark robot vacuum has a strong Wi-Fi signal, is fully charged, and on a level surface. Clean sensors, remove obstacles and restart the mapping process if needed.

What Steps Should I Take if My Shark Robot Vacuum’s Map Is Incomplete or Inaccurate?

If your Shark robot vacuum’s map is incomplete or inaccurate, try restarting the explore run, removing obstructions, updating the app, and repeating the scanning process. If issues persist, contact Shark’s technical support team.

What Should I Do if My Shark Robot Vacuum Is Not Connecting to the Shark Clean App?

If your Shark robot vacuum is not connecting to the Shark Clean app, try restarting the Explore run, checking for obstructions, updating the app, verifying power status, or factory resetting the vacuum and mop.


In conclusion, by following the steps provided in this article, you can effectively resolve the mapping issues of your Shark robot vacuum. From restarting the explore run to updating the Shark app and ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal, these solutions will help improve navigation and maximize the efficiency of your vacuum. Say goodbye to frustration and enjoy a cleaner and more organized home with your Shark robot vacuum.