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Destiny 2

How to Get Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2


Although Auto Rifles are now in a satisfactory position within the sandbox of Destiny 2, with a few notable exceptions, they are not given the opportunity to shine in the majority of the game’s activities. However, with the introduction of the Crota’s End Raid, the Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle may prove to be the savior that Auto Rifles have been yearning for. This is especially true in light of the fact that a nerf to the Ammit Auto Rifle is likely to be implemented at some point in the not too distant future. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to obtain the Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2:

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How to Get Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

You will only be able to acquire the Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in two different situations during the entirety of the game: the Abyss encounter and the Crota encounter within the Crota’s End Raid. Neither of these scenarios are optional. If you complete either of these encounters, there is a possibility that you will be able to acquire the gun, although this is not a guarantee. The Crota’s End Raid will be farmable until the end of Season 22, so you will not be prevented from acquiring fresh loot each time you complete a fight in the Raid.

How to Get Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

It will be difficult at first, but if you can get at least one copy of the gun, you may use the gold you obtained from the Spoils of Conquest to purchase additional copies and increase your chances of getting a better roll. Bear in mind that if you’re looking for deep-sight versions of the pistol, you won’t be able to buy them with spoils; rather, you’ll have to complete the fights as mentioned earlier to unlock them.

Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle God Roll Explained

We were shocked to discover that the Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle possessed a superb perk pool that applied to both player versus environment and player vs player activities.

How to Get Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

Regarding PvE, the God Rolls Reconstruction and Incandescent are the ones you should be looking for. While it is stored, Reconstruction will continually reload and overflown the magazine. This process will take some time. Incandescent, however, will cause nearby opponents to catch fire after each kill it performs.

This is a top-tier combo, especially in light of the current Season’s emphasis on Anti-Barrier Auto Rifles, since the magazine will be overflown (approximately 60-70 bullets in a single magazine), and you will be able to spray down and scorch enemies with ease thanks to Incandescent. This combo is ideal for a Scorch Solar build because the magazine will be overflown (roughly 120 bullets in a single magazine).

How to Get Abyss Defiant Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

Zen Moment and Target Lock are the God Rolls you should search for when it comes to PvP combat. When damage is dealt to a target for longer, Zen Moment will cause the gun to become more stable. At the same time, Target Lock will cause a rise in the overall damage that the weapon deals with when damage is dealt with for a longer period.

This combination is a match made in heaven for a high-impact Auto Rifle, as it now has superb stability and improved damage, allowing it to shred opposing Guardians. This weapon quickly unseats the Ammit as the best Auto Rifle in the game and does it extremely fast.

You’ll be happy to know that the Barrel, Magazine, and Masterwork will remain the same for both PvE and PvP God Rolls. This is because you’ll want additional range in both setups in general. Therefore, you’ll need High-Caliber Rounds for the Magazine, Hammer-Forged Rifling for the Barrel, and a Masterwork for your shooting range.


What is the hardest gun to get in Destiny 2?

In a nutshell, Redrix’s Claymore is one hell of a ruthless executioner. The Redrix’s Claymore is Destiny 2’s most difficult weapon to acquire. On the other hand, due to how difficult it is to acquire, it is not very common. To obtain it, you must compete in the competitive Crucible and achieve the “Fabled” Glory rank.

What is the strongest gun in destiny?

Machine guns continue to be a popular option since they are one of the most effective ways to eliminate large numbers of adversaries in a given area quickly. It should come as no surprise that the Thunderlord and Xenophage Exotics continue to be excellent choices. This is not only because of their incredible stopping capability but also because of the damage they can handle to single targets.

What is the oldest gun in Destiny 2?

The Khvostov 7G-02 may be found in The Breach of the Cosmodrome, an ancient and rather unrefined Auto Rifle. During the first objective and tutorial, titled “A Guardian Rises,” a Guardian will get this weapon for the first time. The only benefit it offers is increased kinetic damage.

What is the strongest power in Destiny 2?

Because the maximum Powerful level in Destiny 2 is 1800, the only method to increase your Power level between 1750 and 1800 is to obtain a reward from activities that give Powerful or Pinnacle gear. This means that completing Strikes is the only way to grow your Power level between 1750 and 1800.

Can you buy Destiny 2 exotics?

Xur makes available for purchase to our Guardians an Exotic weapon, three pieces of Exotic armor (one for each class), Exotic Cyphers that may be used to acquire Exotics from the Monument to Lost Lights, and one Exotic Engram. It would be a mistake to pass up the opportunity to purchase something from Xur because he is a reliable supplier of exotics.