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Destiny 2

How to Get and Use Insight in Destiny 2


Since it initially deployed its seasonal approach to the telling of narratives, Destiny 2 has seen a number of distinct seasons come and go over the course of its existence. Each new season brings with it a new vendor, in addition to the usual assortment of seasonal enhancements. In Season 16, also known as Season of the Risen, Insight is a crucial resource that is used for the purpose of improving the battle table. This upgrade is one of the primary objectives of the season. Reading this tutorial will teach you how to get Insight in Destiny 2 as well as how to use it once you have it. So let’s get started:

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How to Get and Use Insight in Destiny 2

Get Insight in Destiny 2

There is only one way to unlock seasonal upgrade items or currency, and Insight is not any different from the other seasonal upgrades. The seasonal difficulties are the only way to gain insight into the world. The Quests page is where you’ll find these various tests of your mettle. Every Tuesday is the day when Destiny is reset for the week. Every reset brings with it a fresh week of seasonal challenges to complete. The seasons in Destiny 2 continue longer than ten weeks, however Bungie never extends the amount of challenges beyond that mark.

How to Get and Use Insight in Destiny 2

The players are given a grace period of many weeks in which to complete the objectives. Always be sure to check the seasonal challenge page so that you can acquire Insight each week. Put the tab in focus, and take a peek at the rewards. Completing the challenges that award Insight is the only way to earn it. This resource is not something that can be found by chance, nor can it be purchased in the Eververse marketplace.

Using Insight in Destiny 2

This resource is exclusively put to use for enhancing the capabilities of the battle table located in H.E.L.M. You will be able to earn additional improvements that are relevant to Season of the Risen content and gain seasonal money at a faster rate thanks to these upgrades. The concentrate weapons and armour improvements are the most beneficial types of Insight upgrades. This will be the most effective method for gathering all of the new equipment that this content adds.

How to Get and Use Insight in Destiny 2


Is it still possible to get Insight Destiny 2?

I believe it’s in the Weekly quest part; there’s a second tab under “legacy missions” that includes the war table insight quests, and I believe that’s where you’ll find it. So, yeah, you can.

How do you upgrade the war table?

The War Table has undergone certain upgrades in order to better defend itself against the growing danger posed by the Lucent Hive. In order to gain enhanced Seasonal rewards and perks, you will need to acquire bounties, focus Umbral Engrams, and update the War Table using Insight that you have earned from Seasonal Challenges.

What happens when you get 40 Insight?

When you reach level 40 in Insight, you will be able to view the Amygdala animals. They will also show up once you have finished off Rom the Vacuous Spider, but if you have 40 Insight, you will be able to see them before then. When you reach level 50 in Insight or after you have defeated Rom the Vacuous Spider, alterations will be made to the Hunter’s Dream. Additionally, Insight has an effect on how well you can resist Frenzy and Beasthood.

What happens if you have 0 Insight?

The ability to gain insight essentially enables you to do a variety of things. For example, if you do not have any Insight, you will not be able to interact with the Doll, which will prevent you from progressing in levels. Obtaining Insight will not only reduce your Beasthood stat but will also boost your resistance to frenzy.