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How to Get Back to Old Villedor in Dying Light 2


During the course of your playthrough of Dying Light 2, you will ultimately come to a moment where it seems right to pack up and relocate to the Central Loop from Old Villedor. Old Villedor and its people have not been forgotten, and regardless of the choices you make while you are away from the city, you will still have the opportunity to travel back there at some point in the future. Within the context of the video game Dying Light 2, this article will guide you through the steps necessary to make your way back to Old Villedor. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Back to Old Villedor in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you will have to deactivate a Metro Station in the Center District before you may use it to travel back to Old Villedor. Once you have unlocked a Metro, you will be able to utilize it to make a rapid journey to the Faction Hub for either the Survivors or the Peacekeepers factions.

However, if you go inside a Metro station and activate its generators and power supply, you will be able to access previously locked Metro stations. In order to accomplish this, you must first locate the one displayed below inside the Center.

How to Get Back to Old Villedor in Dying Light 2

Be sure to get yourself ready before entering the Metro, as these underground passages are home to a large number of hostile foes, even more so during the day. Because of this, it is recommended that individuals limit their use of the Metro to the late night hours.

You stand to receive a significant amount of experience and trophies if you attempt to clear it during the day, provided that your equipment is sufficient. In either case, you will be required to enter the Metro system and make your way down to the lower floors of the station. You will need to activate a changing amount of generators as you progress through the lower levels. Simply following the waypoints and making use of your parkour abilities will lead you to the generators so you may turn them on.

How to Get Back to Old Villedor in Dying Light 2

In Dying Light 2, you will be able to use the station’s fast travel system and return to Old Villedor once all of the station’s generators have been activated.


Can you go back to previous saves in Dying Light 2?

Conversation. The Backup Save system is a feature found inside the game that gives players the ability to load a save depending on the main storyline’s progression from a previous playthrough. Carrying out a rollback will cause the game to reset to a state that was saved in the Backup Save. As you make your way through the primary plot, you will be able to access more Backup Saves.

Does the city stay destroyed in Dying Light 2?

If you give Lawan permission to explode the bombs, she will offer herself as a sacrifice so that Aiden and Mia can escape the complex before X13 goes up in flames. The city itself will be okay, but Lawan won’t make it. Mia will pass away not long after that if X13 is not there, and Aiden will depart the city.

What if I lost my save Dying Light 2?

If you have not manually produced a backup copy, there is unfortunately no method to recover data that has been accidentally removed from a save location. Please be aware that we do not have direct access to the profiles of players and that we are unable to enter your game in order to alter its values or progress, add or delete items or achievements, or anything else of the sort.

Will I lose everything if I start a new game in Dying Light 2?

This indicates that all of your abilities, goods, and weapons will be kept, and you will need them as the mode provides new scaling for monsters, a generally harsher difficulty, and some additional bonuses that are not available in the basic game.

What is the birthday safe in Dying Light 2?

You’ll notice a picture of the woman and her child celebrating the child’s second birthday next to the body that’s wearing the necklace. The date 11/11/21 appears to be written on the back of that photo, but it is not the secret code. The actual code is the child’s date of birth, which is 11-11-19.