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How to Get Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes?


Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes

Genshin Impact 2.3 is about to be launched, and players will have more opportunities to get Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes throughout this version.

Albedo and Eula will begin reviewing it with repeated announcements, and Arataki Itto and Gorou will release it for the first time in three weeks. In addition, Genshin Impact announced Yun Jin and Shenhe, who are likely to play in version 2.4. To save these new characters, gamers need Primo gem. Happily, Gunship Impact players can collect more than 12,000 free Primo gems during version 2.3.

Based on 2.3 live streaming and standard review trends, Genshin Impact players can expect to win a free Primo gem within the following ways:

Nutrition compensation = 300 Primo gems

  1. Reconciliation compensation = 300 Primo gems
  2. Daily Commissions = 2520 Primo gems
  3. Spiral Abyss = 1800 Primo gems
  4. Events = 2100 Primo gems
  5. New Achievements = 100 Primo gems
  6. Test Run = 60 Primo gems
  7. 2.4 use live streaming codes = 300 Primo gems
  8. Beidou and Gorou hangout events = 120 Primo gems
  9. Web Events = 240 Primo gems
  10. Loyola log daily = 80 Primo gems
  11. Battle Pass = 5 Know Fates (equivalent to 800 Primo gems)
  12. Stardust Exchange = 10 Intertwined Fates and 10 Acquaint Fates (equivalent to 3200 Primo gems)

The above list estimates that Genshin Impact players can receive approximately 8000 Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes, with 25 Fates costing 4000 Primo gems. They should be able to collect approximately 11560 Primo gems of Fates.

Other sources for Genshin impact:

As always, Genshin Impact ar attending to be updated before version a pair of.3 comes live. Players United Nations agency reach journey Rank five before the start of the preparation hours can receive a free three hundred Primo gem once the update has been free.

Genshin Impact players will claim this prize in the in-game mailbox. The prize level is sixty Primo gems per hour of adjustment, however, if the update is live before schedule, players can still receive all three hundred Primo gems.

  • Compensation for bug fixes

In addition to the compensation package, another free reward might wait for players in their mailboxes. Genshin Impact sometimes solves issues with bugs with every major update, giving players three hundred a lot of Primo gems to compensate.

  • Daily commissions

Genshin Impact players will earn sixty Primo gem daily if they’re doing all of their daily commissions. These tiny claims do not take abundant time, and thus the rewards are compatible among six weeks. Game players United Nations agency create all their daily versions in version a pair of.3 bit by bit can gain a pair of520 Primo gems before the Genshin Impact a pair of.4 update.

  • Storm hole

Spiral abysm resets each period in Genshin Impact, and players will receive up to 600 Primo gems per season. Like previous versions, 2.3 ought to last six weeks, which suggests players can have 3 possibilities to complete the final word levels of the abysm. Players United Nations agency play the thirty-six star among the Spiral abysm altogether 3 seasons can earn 1800 Primo gems once version a pair of.3 involves associate degree finish.

  • Restricted time events

2.3 Live streaming has confirmed 5 new events in Genshin Impact:

  1. Bantan Niger-Congo Case Files: The Hero’s Dog
  2. Energy electronic equipment Fruition
  3. Fog Hole: light-weight space
  4. Superb Dresses
  5. Shadows amidst Snowstorms

The exact variety of Primo gem prizes for these events remains speculative. However, supported past events, it’s cheap to assume that each event can reward 420 Primo gems. Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes, players taking part altogether in 5 events are doubtless to win a whole of roughly 2100 Primo gems.

  • Achievements

Genshin Impact typically adds new Achievements once the game gets a vast update. Every action rewards players with 5-20 Primo gems once they end. Thus, gamers will earn concerning a hundred Primo gems to complete all-new achievements. Whenever the character’s banner revolves around Genshin Impact, the take a look at the Run event is redesigned to match the new characters. By merely wiggling with 5 stars placed on the trial website, players will earn twenty Primo gems for gratis of charge. Genshin Impact 2.3 can feature 3 five-star characters (Albedo, Eula, and Itto), giving players up to sixty Primo gems to take a look at Runner

  • Codes for victimization live streaming

About a period before the 2 .4 update, Genshin Impact can broadcast a special live stream, as a result of it did with previous updates. The special program sometimes contains 3 application codes, every cost accounting Primo gems a hundred.

Live streaming service codes sometimes expire once daily, thus players can need to concentrate to live a pair of.3 live streaming saying 2 future area events in Genshin Impact. Beidou and thus successive character, Gorou, can every have their special desires wherever players will win prizes.

  • Area Events

Hangout events have several endings, and players United Nations agency open all endings with one letter get a whole of sixty Primogem. With Beidou and Gorou each obtaining hangouts, Genshin Impact players will get a hundred and twenty Primogems by fulfilling their demands.

  • Net events

Web events became a regular feature in Genshin Impact. Typically, one version of the game can cowl 2 net events, every providing roughly a hundred and twenty Primo gems. The precise quantity might vary, however, players will estimate roughly a pair of40 Primo gems from net events in version 2.3.

Genshin Impact Community Hub, HoYoLAB, is launching an associate degree entry program wherever players will receive free daily prizes. These prizes sometimes embody Primo gems, and players will receive up to eighty Primogems monthly. Version 2.3 is attending to be on the market throughout December, with players obtaining eighty Primogem free for each entry. Version 2.3 will not embody enough Gregorian calendar months to urge the free Primo gem here; however, the system still ought to work for version a pair of.4.

  • Battle Pass

Both free and paid awards are available in Genshin Impact’s Battle Pass. Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes one Acquaint Fate every ten levels just from the free prizes. Five free wishes are up for grabs in the Battle Pass, which has 50 levels. These desires are worth 800 Primo gems according to the game’s conversion values.

  • Stardust Exchange

In the Stardust Exchange, Gentian Impact players can get 10 free wishes every month. Every month, 5 Intertwined Fates and 5 Acquaint Fates are available in this part of Palimony’s Bargains. Because version 2.3 would include December and January, gamers will have two months’ worth of Stardust wish by the time the next update arrives. In version 2.3, Genshin Impact players can receive 10 of each Fate from the Stardust Exchange, which is worth 3200 Primo gems.

If there’s one thing we have to commend miHoYo for, it’s how frequently they update Genshin Impact. Since the game’s release, they have issued a new patch every 6 weeks without fail.

This is why all of our computations will be done at the patch level. Each patch usually includes two new 5* characters for which you can wish with Primogems. Let’s look at how many Primo gems you can expect to get in every patch and where these Primos will be coming from: 

7240 FREE Primo gems for each patch based on these calculations:

Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes

This is about 45 Fates in total. If this is your primary source of Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes, you’ll only obtain a 5* character every two patches (3 months). You may always get lucky, but we don’t factor luck into our calculations. Again, these are estimates. There are some Primogem sources that we didn’t account for, however, they aren’t many: Web Events (each worth 100 Primo gems), Achievements (each worth 100 Primo gems), and research (patches that add in new regions such as 2.0, can offer thousands of Primogems easily just through exploration).

Every patch will also grant you some Fates. You’ll get 5 Acquainted Fates for completing the free Battle Pass (800 Primogems). You can also buy up to five items each month. Every patch, you’ll also gain some Fates. You will receive 5 Acquainted Fates if you complete the free Battle Pass (800 Primogems). You can also buy up to 5 Acquainted Fates and 5 Intertwined Fates from the Stardust Exchange per month (1600 Primogems). Remember that ten of these 15 Fates are Acquainted Fates, which must be utilized on the Standard Banner and do not contribute to the pity on the Limited Character Banner.

Even if we lowball it and say you only get the 15 Fates every patch, the Stardust Exchange resets weekly rather than every patch, that’s still substantial. Your total wish count per patch increases from 45 to 60 thanks to these additional Fates sources, however only 50 Fates can be used to unlock new Limited 5* Characters.

How Many Primogems Could Low-Spenders Earn in a Genshin Impact?

There are two categories of low-spenders in Genshin Impact: those who only buy the Blessing of Welkin Moon ($5 every 30 days) and those who buy Welkin and the Battle Pass ($10 every patch).


You’ll see a huge increase in your Primogem income for just $5 every month. F2P gamers get roughly 2/3 of the Primogems that players who buy the Welkin obtain. This is because obtaining the Blessing of the Welkin Moon will provide you with 90 Primogems every day for the following 30 days. You won’t obtain the Primogems if you don’t log in on any given day! You’ll also get 300 Genesis Crystals as a bonus. Although Genesis Crystals can be converted into Primogems at a 1:1 ratio, most low-spenders choose not to do so because character skins are only available with Genesis Crystals. As a result, we’ll only use the daily 90 Primos in our computations.

In addition to everything that F2P players gain, the Blessing of the Welkin Moon will net you an extra 3780 Primogems after 42 days in a patch. The total number of Primogems you obtain per patch increases to 11020 as a result of this (again, we purposefully keep our approximations a bit lower). This converts to about 69 Intertwined Fates. Add in the 5 Intertwined Fates from Stardust Exchange and a few random Primogems, and you’re certain to get soft sympathy on the Limited Character Banner at least once every patch. As a result, by considering the game as a $5/month subscription service, you’ll have a better chance of getting a new Limited Banner and 5* character once every patch.

Welkin + Battle Pass

In addition to Welkin, those who acquire the Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes will receive 4 Intertwined Fates and 680 Primogems. The total number of Fates increases to 83 when these Primogems are converted into Intertwined Fates. At least once every 90 pulls, you’ll obtain a 5* character. Given miHoYo’s meticulous nature, we wouldn’t be surprised if the number of Primogems and Intertwined Fates available to players who purchase both the Blessing of the Welkin Moon and the Battle Pass regularly amounted to exactly 90 Intertwined Fates, or one guaranteed 5* character per patch.

How Many Primogems Could A Beginner Earn?

All of our calculations thus far have been based on the assumption that the player has previously completed all of the game’s content before the release of a new patch. Beginners who haven’t done so yet will find a large number of Primogems hidden throughout Teyvat’s many nooks and crannies. Hundreds of thousands of Primogems are at stake. Let’s see how many Primogems and/or Fates new players can expect to receive simply by playing the game.

Primogems Fates Source Notes
11600 Chests 11600 Chests Since Patch 2.2 and the launch of all Inazuma islands, there are more than 2900 chests in the game. Each offers anywhere between 2 and 10 Primogems. If we take 4 Primogems as a conservative measure, that is 8000 Primogems hidden in the chest. Most likely, you can get more.
1100 Archon Quests Prizes for playing the main story are given to about 1100 Primogems so far.
2670 World Quests Many World Quests include between 20 and 80 Primogem as prizes. The total number of Primogems you can earn by meeting all the requirements of the land is approximately 1800.
1320 Character Quests Sure, we get 2 new Character Requirements in each episode, but all the old ones stay in the game. And with more than 20 Coin Requirements you can go through, that’s just another 1200 Primogem you can add to the bank.
440 Hangout Events Instead of playing Character Stages, the other 4 * characters have their Hangout events. These replayable applications have multiple tracks and playing them all will earn 60 Primogem per Hangout event.
900 Adventurer Handbook Chapter Rewards Adventurer Handbook Chapters are there to encourage players to try new things, and among the many prizes they offer is Primogem.
8 Acquainted Fates Adventure Rank 50 Increasing your Adventure Rank gives you many rewards. We stand at AR50, but skipping this will give us extra prizes. It’s just that the Adventure Ranks took too long to get the AR50 last and we didn’t want to include the prizes that only the best players would get.
600 Serenitea Pot Trust Rank Once you have opened the AR30 players’ home, you will need to build your Trust Rank to unlock new assets. Doing so will give you a good number of Primogems.
600 Favored Furniture Sets You can invite your characters to your Player Housing. If you also create your favorite Furniture Sets, they will reward you with 20 Primogems sets per character.

You can get 1280 Primogems this way, but this will require that you already own all the characters in the game. So we settled on 600 as the most achievable goal.

720 Statues of the Seven In Mondstadt and Liyue, Templates own only 90 Primogem each, but Inazuma releasing the template will benefit 540 Primogems.
3 Acquainted Fates 1 Intertwined Fate The Frostbearing Tree The Fruit Tree offers a wealth of resources for F2P players, and Fates is among the first prizes you receive.
20 Acquainted Fates 10 Intertwined Fates The Sacred Sakura Conversation of the Inazuma Sakura Sacred Memorial Center, which will host Electro Sigils in exchange for many prizes, including up to 30 Fates!
2500 Achievements Currently, there are over 500 achievements players can get from Genshin Impact. Collectively, these achievements give approximately 5000 Primogems, but we also reduce this by half to make the goal more accessible to regular players.
2400 Spiral Abyss Floors 1-8 Unlike 9-12 floors, which are reset every two weeks, you can only get 1-8 floor rewards once. That being said, you are encouraged to do so, as this will get you a lot of free Primogem and free Xiangling early.
21+ Acquainted Fates Character Ascensions From patch 1.2, you can get up to 3 Acquainted Fates by upgrading characters. In a game with over 35 characters, that’s 100 Fates! But, again, this will require you to have all the characters in the game.

Even the 7 free characters that every player gets, that’s 21 Acquainted Fates, and you’ll easily get as many characters as a F2P player.

Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes

So, once we get used to adding all of this, you look at the related 22670 F2P Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes mature to get your AR50. This can be customized for about 128 Fates of your variety. in addition to the present, in addition, you can get eleven confused Fates and at least fifty at home with Fates (more for each new character in the element seven free characters every player will get it).

Also, keep in mind that reaching AR50 will take time. So while you do that, you will find some, if not all, Primogems in our episode count.

All of this {usually | this can} often mean that, even if you are very lucky, it will not be long before you have accumulated two or three 5 * coins or weapons in your account, and that if you are unlucky!

Now you have to make sure you pay for your services wisely. we are willing to wait for you to read this guide to thank you for finding the characters you would like in Genshin Impact for understanding the variety of hidden gems behind game gacha ads.


Genshin Impact can distinguish any of its in-game items from real money values.

For example, you convert Primogems into requirements by a value of 160: 1. Why 160? It is a powerful and deceptive choice. you would think that 10 thousand Primogems could be a mass, but divided by 100 and sixty these numbers into a lower number of a tiny than sixty demands, that much from even a soft pity.

All of this {often | this can} often mean that, despite being a fun game with angelic characters, an open-air world, and excellent music, Genshin Impact does not want you to know how much your ‘re-payment, any resources you have received as an actor of F2P.

We are therefore confident that this program in Free Genshin Impact Primo Gems and Wishes will help to shed weight on items that the game would like to hide.

All in all, even with the worst luck, you will only get two or three 5 * characters in the middle of your first episode of Genshin Impact, but after that, your Primogem advantage will prevent you from crawling where you will not be able to get 5 * protected characters per episode each unless you get into the habit of buying the Blessing Vault of heaven Moon.