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The May 2023 update for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is available to Samsung fans


The upgrade for the normal Galaxy Tab S7 series that was released in May 2023 was just recently made available to users. The Fan Edition version has at long last caught up to the rest of the series in several of these markets. Samsung is now in the process of releasing the May 2023 update for the Galaxy Tab S7 FE in the countries of Brazil (SM-T735) and Europe (SM-T733). It would appear that the SM-T736B 5G model is not currently supported by the upgrade at this time. Users of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE in Europe will see the firmware version T733XXS3CWD1 once the upgrade has been installed on their devices, in contrast to users in Brazil, who will see the firmware number T735XXU3CWE1 on their devices once the upgrade has been installed.

Strangely enough, these firmware versions imply that the upgrade for Europe would just include the security patch for May 2023, whereas the update for Brazil will most likely include a variety of other features in addition to the better security. At this time, it is unknown which features may be included in the upgraded version. On the other hand, it’s likely that the fantastic Image Clipper software can now be used on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The security update that was issued in May 2023 addressed vulnerabilities in the Exynos modems as well as other components, including the bootloader.

It offers patches for approximately seventy different vulnerabilities that are present in mobile devices manufactured by Samsung, such as phones and tablets. If the update for May 2023 is available, users of the Galaxy Tab S7 FE should be able to receive it by opening the Settings app on the tablet, scrolling to “Software update,” and tapping “Download and install.” This is assuming that the update is indeed available. Users who would want to manually update their software rather than do it using a Windows PC are able to do so by downloading the official firmware files from our website. This can be done in place of using a Windows PC.