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How to Get Honey In Minecraft


The addition of bees and honey to Minecraft was made possible with the version 1.5 upgrade. This article explains how to obtain honey in Minecraft on any platform, as well as how to construct beehives and gather honeycombs in the game.

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How to Get Honey From a Beehive in Minecraft

To bottle honey from a beehive or a bee nest, follow the methods outlined below:

1.Four wood planks can be used to construct a Crafting Table. Any type of wood (oak planks, crimson planks, etc.) will suffice for this project.

2.Place the Crafting Table on the ground and open it to reveal a 3X3 crafting grid in the centre of the table.

3.Make a campfire with your own hands. You’ll need the following supplies to complete your project:

  • Sticks (three of them)
  • 1 pound of coal or charcoal
  • 3 logs or pieces of wood

As seen in the figure below, arrange the pieces in the 3X3 crafting grid to create the desired effect.

4. Locate a beehive or a bee nest if possible.

5. Place the campfire below the hive.

6.Wait until the hive is bursting at the seams with honey. When golden pixels emerge on one side of the block, you may know that something is wrong. Examine the hive from every angle.

7.Use an empty Glass Bottle on the beehive. How you use a bottle depends on the platform you’re playing on:

  • PC: Right-click and hold
  • Mobile: Tap and hold the screen
  • Xbox: Press and hold LT
  • PlayStation: Press and hold L2
  • Nintendo: Press and hold ZL

The Benefits of Bees in Minecraft

Bees collect pollen from flowers and transport it to hives where it is processed into honey. They also aid to propagate new blooms as they disperse pollen, making a beehive quite beneficial if you’re attempting to grow a garden.

If you assault a bee, hive, or nest, you should expect to get stung by other bees in the area. Honeybees die after only one sting and do not leave behind any spoils, however the sting will cause the poison effect to be inflicted. To avoid being stung, light a bonfire near the hive before approaching it to keep the bees calm and prevent them from attacking.

What You Need to Make a Beehive

Beehives and bee nests are identical in appearance, with the main difference being that the latter may be constructed. Create a 3X3 crafting grid by placing three wood planks (any type of wood would do) in each of the top and bottom rows of the grid, and then three honeycombs in the centre row.



How do you get honey out of a beehive in Minecraft?

Smoke, you see, has the effect of calming bees, which means that they will be less irritated that you are stealing all of their honey. Once the nest has been pacified, a slight click with your glass bottle will give a full bottle of honey for you to enjoy.

Can you tame a bee in Minecraft?

When you have any form of flower on your hot-bar, you may tame a Bee by causing any Bees in the immediate vicinity to start following you passively. Just make sure you don’t lose sight of the bloom, or else they’ll lose interest. Alternatively, you may use a Lead to restrain Bees and force them to follow you back to your starting point..