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How to Find the GTA Online Double Action Revolver Guide: All Treasure Hunt Locations


GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations

Half a month to go before the following large update hits GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations, it’s a decent action to take a break and get a sweet prize for your difficulty. In case you’re considering running the “Treasure Hunt” mission from the Doomsday Heist update, there’s a Red Dead twofold activity gun in it for you.

Quite a while in the past, Rockstar chose to treat their fans with another selective thing from Red Dead Redemption 2, which is compensated after you track down every one of the fundamental signs in the Treasure Hunt occasion in GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations. The prize is a gold-plated twofold activity Revolver.

GTA Online’s Treasure Hunt occasion gives you an extraordinary chance to get yourself a staggeringly uncommon weapon. Rockstar acquired a prize from Red Dead Redemption 2, as a gold-plated Double-Action Revolver. In the event that players feel somewhat drained after the rehashed heists and missions, they can decide to leave all crimes for some time and go searching for treasure.

One reason why numerous players tune into GTA Online routinely is the way that they can never run out of activities in its huge open world. Fabulous Theft Auto Online exploits the open-world construction of the GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations and joins huge loads of components, similar to collectibles and even treasure hunts, to extend the ongoing interaction experience.

GTA: Online is quite possibly the GTA 6 Online Update multiplayer rounds ever. While the GTA games are not known for any one specific sort of gaming in the most elevated level. the sheer assortment of ongoing interaction classifications in GTA: Online makes it an incredible encounter.

GTA Treasure Hunt hint locations

You can begin the hunt by joining a GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations meeting. sitting tight for an email with a photograph connection. The picture will contain all potential locations where you can discover a sign. Which is a note composed on a piece of paper.

The notes can be found stuck to rocks, under spans, on tables, and in different spots. Since you’ll need to look across the whole guide, this will take you some time to finish, and you’ll need to utilize various methods for transport.

Nonetheless, we’ve chosen to make things somewhat simpler by taking note of down the area of each piece of information in Los Santos. You can investigate these on our guide beneath.


As should be obvious, you’ll need to do a lot of voyaging while looking for these GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations. To help make things considerably faster, we’ll go over where precisely you should search for the hints when you show up at every one of these locations:

  • 1# Locution (Del Perro Pier): On the columns supporting Del Perro Pier
  • 2#Locution (Cassidy Creek): On top of the slope investigating a scaffold at Cassidy Creek.
  • 3# Locution (Cassidy Creek): On a tree at the waterway bank near Cassidy Creek
  • 4# Locution (Vinewood Hills): On a Baytree Canyon banner toward the north of the Galileo Observatory
  • 5# Locution (Pacific Bluff): On one of the gravestones in the Pacific Bluffs cemetery
  • 6# Locution (Tongva Hills): Under a scaffold by the grape plantations at the Tongva Hills region
  • 7# Locution (San Chianski Mountain Range): At a little angler’s breakwater on the far eastern shore of the guide
  • 8# Locution (Hill Valley Church): On a gravestone in the Hill Valley Church cemetery
  • 9# Locution (Tataviam Mountains): Stuck to a stone on the sea shore only south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station
  • 10# Locution (Alamo Sea Marina): On a stone close to the wrecked boat in the Alamo Sea
  • 11# Locution (Grand Senora Desert): Stuck to the entryways of the Sandy Shores runway storage
  • 12# Locution (San Chianski Mountain Range): On the actual top of the slope at Catfish View
  • 13# Locution (Los Santos Golf Club): On the scaffold in one of the fields
  • 14# Locution (Palomino Highlands): One of the islands on the Southeastern piece of the guide
  • 15# Locution (Paleto Bay): Under an obliterated scaffold close to the shore
  • 16# Locution (Great Chaparral): Inside the unwanted mining tunnel Location #17. (Sandy Shores): On a table at the craftsmanship establishment only East of Sandy Shores
  • 17# Locution (Mount Chiliad): On the mountain’s post
  • 18# Locution (Two Hoots Falls): On a symbol remaining in the recreation center
  • 19# Locution (Senora National Park): At the stones of the recreation center in Sandy Shores

GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations

Where to track down the three major hints

Then, you’ll discover a carcass of the weapon’s previous proprietor. This can be found in a cavern on Tongva Hills, which can be found are the GTA 6 Update 5 Features We Need. Simply watch out for a body that is wearing boots and clothing.

Sandy Shores, close to the Alamo Sea. You’ll track down this last sign close to a green easy chair, so gather. It and you’ll have the area of the treasure on the guide.

You can then gathered the gold-plated Double-Action Revolver, and utilize. This weapon in the test that expects you to land 50 headshots. Effective finish of this will net you $250,000 in GTA 5 Treasure Hunt Locations alongside. An elite variety of this weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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