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How to Get Stone Tongue in Final Fantasy XVI


In Final Fantasy 16, Stone Tongue is a resource needed to make Ouroboros, a belt that may be purchased from the blacksmith once the Blacksmith’s Blues III side quest has been completed. Even though it’s not mandatory, players should try to get their hands on Ouroboros because it’s the best belt in the game. So, if you want stone tongue in Final Fantasy XVI, this post will tell you how to get it.

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What Is Stone Tongue?

Stone Tongue, a level 4 rare material used in crafting, can be purchased from a merchant in Final Fantasy 16 for 2,500 gil. The Ouroboros belt, which has excellent protection, is made primarily from this material.

How to Get Stone Tongue in Final Fantasy XVI

The emblem for the Stone Tongue in the game depicts a brown leaf shape made of three angular stone plates. The archaeosaur’s granite tongue is a potent weapon in its own right, and it is this portion of the animal that is highly prized in Valisthea, while the dinosaur’s ‘diamond-hard, serrated teeth’ are kept hidden.

Stone Tongue Location In Final Fantasy XVI

Once the Brotherhood’s main mission has been started, the A-Rank Notorious Mark Agni will emerge on the Hunt Board, and killing him will reward the player with a Stone Tongue. Follow the trail north from the Edge of Infinity obelisk in the Kingdom of Waloed, as seen on the map below, to reach the little circular arena where this beast can be found. As soon as people reach this arena, Agni will crash down into it, and the combat will begin instantly.

This bout will use two unique attacks, and fans should be prepared for them. Collider is the name of the first of these attacks; it consists of three roll lunges and a body smash, all of which may be avoided with well-timed dodges in FF16. Players should again avoid taking substantial damage by dodging out of the direction of Agni’s mouth beam as it fires its second attack, Firewater.

How to Get Stone Tongue in Final Fantasy XVI

After defeating Agni and claiming its Stone Tongue, players can focus on gathering the remaining components needed to create the Ouroboros. One Comet Feather and one Orichalcum are required, both of which can be found by killing other Notorious Marks in Final Fantasy 16. To complete the belt, fans will have to defeat either the Dread Comet and Atlas, the Behemoth King, Gorgimera, or Svarog.

It’s a lot of effort for only one thing, but Ouroboros justifies it. As was mentioned before, this is the best belt in FF16, and its 32 HP and 95 Defense are impressive. Gathering the necessary materials also rewards players with Gil, Renown, Experience Points, and Ability Points. While these aren’t the most enticing bonuses, they do encourage you to go out and find the relevant Notorious Marks.


Who is the bad guy in Final Fantasy XVI?

Final Fantasy XVI is a 2023 action role-playing high fantasy video game, and Ultima is the major adversary and final boss. He is a celestial being who has stoked hostilities between the countries of Valisthea.

How do you get stone tongue in Final Fantasy 16?

In order to obtain Final Fantasy 16’s lone Stone Tongue, you must first battle the notorious mark Agni. During the Brotherhood main quest, the colossal lizard-like creature known as Agni arrives on the Hunt Board.

What is the best weapon in FF16?

The Ultima Weapon is Final Fantasy 16’s top blade. It’s a shame that the New Game Plus mode is the only place to get it. Its attack and stagger of 700 are far superior to those of any ordinary weapon.

What is the best belt in FF16?

The Ouroboros belt is the greatest in Final Fantasy 16. With 95 defense and 32 health points, it boasts the best baseline statistics of any belt. It’s a late-game side quest reward that requires a wide variety of uncommon ingredients to make.