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How to Get Subtitles in the Hulu App


You have the option to switch on closed captions or subtitles when you are watching movies and TV series on Hulu, which is beneficial if you have difficulties hearing or are simply in a noisy situation without headphones on hand. Please refer to the following set of instructions if you are using the Hulu app on an iOS or Android smartphone in order to activate captions while watching a video. They are comparable to the instructions that are supplied on the internet, although certain components are positioned in a different order than what is specified in the instructions. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Subtitles in the Hulu App

Here is the protocol that must be adhered to:

1. You may access the controls for the playback of an episode of a show that you are now watching on the Hulu app by tapping the screen anywhere within the app while you are watching the episode in question.

2. To reach the Settings menu, click the icon that looks like a gear.

How to Get Subtitles in the Hulu App

3. You are going to have to flick the switch that is located directly next to the subtitles in order for them to appear on the screen.

How to Get Subtitles in the Hulu App

4. If there is more than one language option, you can select the one you want to use by using the pull-down menu that is situated directly below the switch.

How to Get Subtitles in the Hulu App


Where is the settings icon on Hulu?

When you are playing material, there is a settings cog icon located at the bottom of the screen. This icon is present regardless of whether you are watching in a web browser or using the mobile app. You can choose it to access the Quality options, which may include Data Saver or the Best Quality option.

Why are my subtitles not showing up?

In order for subtitles to work properly, the text must be written appropriately, and the formatting must be exact. An SRT file can get corrupted if there are extra dashes or spaces within the coding lines (which serve as sequence and timing indicators). This can result in overlaps, display issues, or even the inability for subtitles to work at all.

Where is the Hulu menu?

Choose the menu item “Live TV” from the main navigation bar that is located at the very top of the screen. While the track is playing, pick the icon that looks like three lines in the bottom-left corner of the player bar.

Does Hulu have settings?

To adjust your preferences for quality control on, please follow these steps: To adjust the settings during playback, select the gear symbol. Simply select Quality. Choose the quality level that best suits your needs.

Why subtitles are not working properly?

The text encoding of the subtitles does not appear to be UTF-8. The subtitle file will be placed in a location that is separate from where your video is stored. The subtitle setting in VLC Media Player is either not activated or has various issues associated with it. There is a possibility that the subtitles in VLC will not display properly for any of these reasons.