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How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon


K.K. Slider makes his way back to the Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to bestow upon them his extraordinary musical talent. Since the beginning of the series, fans have been captivated by the attractive melodies and vocoded singing that are included in the famous compositions. This pattern maintains its presence in New Horizons. It is necessary to have a stereo in order to listen to your preferred music on the stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You won’t be able to listen to music if you don’t have a stereo. Keep in mind that Portable Record Players can play your music, but they do it in a completely random order. This article will teach you how to use the stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon so that you may listen to music. So let’s get started:

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How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Please follow these procedures if you want to listen to music on the stereos in New Horizons:

Procuring a Stereo From The Nook’s Cranny Shop

1. Go to The Nook’s Cranny Store when you have the chance.

How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

2. Look around to see if there are any radios.

3. If the one you have is still available, you should get it.

4. If it is not present when you return the following day, you will need to repeat the actions from the day before.

We suggest that you keep coming back to New Horizon until you have collected all 15 of the available stereos there. This will allow you to complete the collection. After you have collected all of them, the actions that follow will no longer be necessary, unless you desire many copies of the same stereo.

Play Your Songs on Stereos

1. Install your stereo system inside of your home.

How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

2. Get closer to the stereo.

How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

3. To interact with it and bring up the menu, press A on your keyboard.

How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

4. Choose the song you wish to hear, then press the A button.

How to Play Music on Stereos in Animal Crossing: New Horizon

5. I hope you enjoy the song.

Instead, you can hit the Y button to generate a music list that is completely at random. Random tunes will play on the stereo as you move from room to room in this house. This function is a great way to have some fun while also giving your house a breath of fresh air. Guests who arrive to your house will experience the same random ordering of the songs as you do. Experiment with it and see what songs come up when pals want to hang out together.

When you are browsing through the menu of the stereo, you will notice that there are plus and minus signs to the right of the title of each music. These buttons allow you to adjust the volume on the radio. Adjust the sliders and buttons until you find the volume level that works best for your game. At first, portable record players were the only ones designed to leave the house, while stereos were only ever intended for use within the home. Yet everything was different after the latest upgrade. Now that players can set stereos wherever, music can be enjoyed across the island in numerous locations at the same time while playing multiple tracks concurrently.

For instance, you could position a stereo in a certain portion of town and have it play K.K. Aria. Another stereo located further away can be programmed to play K.K. Dixie and other artists according to your preferences. Moreover, stereos are made more enticing by the update. Yet, portable record players are still a contender in this field. They are interesting in their own right, which is why we will go on to discussing them now.


Can you have audio on Animal Crossing?

Dear reader, the fact that the aural design of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the key factor that makes the game playable shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to you at all. The level of its overall quality, on the other hand, may come as something of a shock to you.

How do you change the music on Animal Crossing?

After you have upgraded the Residential Services in New Horizons, you will be able to change the Town Tune whenever you choose by speaking to Isabelle and selecting the option that says ‘Change the island tune.’ Once you have done this, the change will take effect immediately. After carrying out these steps, you will be able to bring up the musical note board depicting a frog, which is the location where you will compose your new Town Music.

What is the best stereo in ACNH?

High-Resolution Audio System Stereos

These two stereos stand out from the crowd because they are louder than the others when they are in the ideal location, they have excellent sound quality, and they produce the greatest bass when compared to the others.

In order for there to be a shift in the music, players will need to construct the Town Hall. As soon as you get passed this crucial point in the adventure, you should notice that the music is constantly changing, just as you would anticipate.

Who is the number 1 villager in ACNH?


Shino, a Peppy deer villager, was first seen in New Horizons. She immediately stood out from the other villagers due to her one-of-a-kind appearance and design, which were both introduced in that chapter. The appearance of Shino is based on an Oni, which are evil yokai that are seen in Japanese mythology.