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How to Get to the Desktop in Windows 10


It is easy to find programmes and rearrange windows in Windows 10, but there may be times when you need to either organize the desktop or find an icon that is already there. In these cases, you can use Windows 10 to perform either of these things. If you want to go to the desktop of your Windows 10 computer in a hurry, you can do it using one of several different methods.

We are going to go through all of the various methods that you can access the desktop in Windows, and then you will be able to select the method that is best suitable for your needs.

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How to Get to the Desktop in Windows 10

Click Icon to Show the Desktop

Simply select the icon that is located in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. It appears as a tiny rectangle that is placed next to the icon that represents your notifications. If you click the symbol once again, the windows you now have open will be brought back. This is a quick and simple method for switching between the current windows on your computer and the desktop.

Use the Taskbar Menu to Reach the Desktop

If, for any reason, you do not want to use the icon that is displayed on the desktop or if you are unable to use the icon that is displayed on the desktop, you can access the desktop by using the menu that is displayed in the taskbar.

1. Using the right mouse button, choose the taskbar from the menu. Make sure that you click on an empty space, as picking an app’s icon will not bring up the necessary menu selections for you to choose from.

2. Select the option to Display the Desktop by making the appropriate selection from the menu.

Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Reach the Desktop

Simply pressing the Windows key in conjunction with the letter D will allow you to move around the desktop in both directions. This method can also be helpful when it comes to identifying and fixing problems. If the screen has stopped responding and you are unable to access the taskbar, this shortcut for the keyboard may be able to save your life in an emergency situation.



Why is my laptop not showing home screen?

The malfunctioning of a system file is one of the key factors contributing to this issue. Because the operating system is unable to load, the user is presented with a screen that is either completely dark or fully blank. It is recommended that you restart Windows in order to determine whether the issue is merely transient and will disappear once the machine is restarted. If the problem persists after you have formatted your hard disc and reinstalled Windows, you may find that it resolves itself.

What is the shortcut key to go to desktop?

You may show or conceal the desktop by using the keyboard shortcut Win+D. This command causes Windows to immediately go to the desktop and minimize all open windows to the taskbar when it is executed.