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Destiny 2

How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, the 18th season has been made available to players. When a new season begins, the player versus player (PVP) experience is updated with fresh content, including new weapons, armour, and other items. But why go for the new stuff when you can go for the greatest shotgun for player versus player combat in the game? Without Remorse, a Solar Energy Shotgun, is exactly what you need in this situation. In today’s article, we are going to talk about how to acquire Without Remorse in Destiny 2 as well as what the god roll for it is. Now, here’s how to go about doing that:

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How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2

1. Proceed to the helm, where you can claim the Artifact of the Nightmare Harvester. Proceed forward by heading to the Helm. Visit the Crown of Sorrow by going downstairs and then turning left immediately after loading in. After you make the choice to do so, you will be able to claim the Nightmare Harvester. To acquire opulent umbral energy, which will be discussed in a moment, you will require this instrument, which may be found here.

2. Try your hand at Nightmare Containment. You need to get back to the hub of your destination and then you need to go to the moon. When you look at the map from that vantage point, the node for the castellum may be found in the bottom left corner, as illustrated below. Choose it, then load it into the Nightmare Containment Public Event you’re attending. You will be rewarded with Opulent Umbral Energy once the quest is finished.

How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2

3. You can acquire Without Remorse by making use of your Opulent Umbral Energy. Return to the Crown of Sorrow at the Helm once you have obtained sufficient energy to do so. After you have amassed at least 27 instances of the Opulent Umbral Energy, you will be able to purchase a copy of Without Remorse for your very own use.

How to Get Without Remorse in Destiny 2

Are You Able to Create Without Regret?

You bet! The Without Remorse shotgun is one of only four different types of shotguns that may be created over the entirety of the game. In order to create the weapon, you must first acquire five different variants of the deep sight. These are the variations of the gun that have red borders, as illustrated in the image to the right. This one-of-a-kind variant of the weapon can be acquired in one of two ways: either by completing Nightmare Containment and receiving it as a reward, or by purchasing a copy from the Crown of Sorrow and taking your chances with it. After you have obtained a deep sight of it, you will be able to delete the gun in order to obtain the pattern for it. Once you have obtained all five of the necessary patterns, you will be able to travel to the Enclave on Mars and create your very own roll of Without Remorse.


Is without remorse good d2?

Next to the Calus Mini-Tool and the Stormchaser, the Without Remorse shotgun is one of the best and most sought-after weapons that can be obtained during Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted. It is a Solar Special Weapon that is considered to be a powerhouse among its peers.

What’s the best shotgun in Destiny 2?

Even with a number of changes made to ammo and range throughout this season, the Lord of Wolves remains the greatest buckshot Shotgun available in the Crucible in Destiny 2.

Which of Destiny 2’s hand cannons is the most powerful?

The Fatebringer has demonstrated that it is the most effective Legendary Hand Cannon in Destiny 2. This hand cannon has an excellent stat package, one of the best perk pools available for any Hand Cannon, and it also comes in an Adept variation.

Where can I get fixed odds Destiny 2?

Fixed Odds and its Deepsight variation are both cards that can only be obtained by completing the last fight of Duality, Calus’s Greatest Shame. Due to the fact that this encounter might potentially reward any piece of equipment or weapon found in the dungeon, the probability of obtaining Fixed Odds is rather low.