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How to Change The Difficulty Of A Minecraft Map


With the release of Minecraft 1.8 came the addition of a whole new feature map: the capability to lock the map’s difficulty setting permanently. When you play a game and the difficulty level is stuck at a setting that you don’t like, it’s irritating, but it’s also a wonderful technique to encourage you to play honestly and not cheat. Continue reading as we explain how to adjust the settings.

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How to Change The Difficulty Of A Minecraft Map

If you only want to change the difficulty setting and you don’t care if you truly unlock it, there is a tiny technique that relies on opening your game for play on the local LAN. If you want to change the difficulty setting, you must open your game for play on the local LAN. It makes no difference if you aren’t actively engaging in the activity with another individual (or if there is even another computer on your network). When you start a game for play over a local area network (LAN), you are granted the power to switch game modes (for example, from Survival to Creative), as well as the ability to turn cheats on and off.

Let’s begin by examining the difficulty level that has been assigned to our test globe.

How to Change The Difficulty Of A Minecraft Map

At the moment, it is locked and set to the “Hard” mode. The in-game menus do not provide any means by which the options can be modified, and clicking on either the lock icon or the difficulty selection button does not produce any results. To get around the lock, it is necessary to employ the tried-and-true method of opening the local area network.

How to Change The Difficulty Of A Minecraft Map

To accomplish this, use the “ESC” key on your keyboard to bring up the settings menu, then click on the option that says “Open on LAN.” After that, when you are provided with the LAN game options, choose the option that says “Allow Cheats: ON,” as shown in the screenshot to the right.

You will be able to modify the level of difficulty despite the lock if you use console commands once cheats have been enabled. You can access the chat box or the console by using the “T” key when you are back in the game.