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How To Go Frame By Frame on YouTube


One of our favourite things to do in our spare time is to watch videos on YouTube. There is a large quantity of stuff available to see there. Some of them are meant to be amusing, while others are meant to teach something specific. There are certain videos that need to be seen in their entirety. Using an iOS or Android smartphone, Shoukhintech will demonstrate how to go through a YouTube video frame by frame.

When the action in a video is rapid, but you need to view it extremely slowly so that you can observe every movement that occurs in the film, you are said to be “speed-tracking” the video. You won’t always be able to stop the video at the precise moment you want to see it. You are going to be presented with certain technological options that will allow you to see a YouTube video frame by frame.

How To Go Frame By Frame on YouTube

YouTube has some kind of function that enables users to see each frame of a video and comprehend its context in its entirety.

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Method 1

Take a look at the video using the slow motion option. The video player on YouTube allowed you to play back videos at a speed that was 0.25 times normal. When you play a video at that slow of a pace, what will happen is that you will have the opportunity to examine each individual frame in great detail. You also have the option of watching the movie at a speed of 0.50 times normal if you don’t need an excessive amount of slow playback.

Here is how you can slow down the playing of a video:

  • Open a YouTube video.
  • Navigate to the icon that looks like settings on the player.

How To Go Frame By Frame on YouTube

  • You may start watching the video in slow motion by navigating to the “playback speed >> 0.25x” menu option.

After you have finished viewing a YouTube video in the frame by frame mode, you may return to the standard playing mode by clicking the button.

Method 2

When you wish to view the movie frame by frame, keep stopping it at regular intervals. On your personal computer, you can pause YouTube videos by clicking the space bar, while on mobile devices, you may use the button that combines play and pause. While viewing a video, fast pressing these buttons will allow you to see each frame of the video.

This is the most effective method for moving through a video on YouTube frame by frame.

Method 3

You may go along in a movie by using the arrow keys, and you can zoom in to see each frame that lasts for five seconds. You may see each every five-second frame of a YouTube video by using the left and right arrow keys on your computer. You may also skip to every 10 seconds by using the “J” and “L” keys that are located on the keyboard of your computer.


Video players on YouTube provide you with every capability that is possible for an internet video player to provide. Download the movie you’re interested in, and then use any local video player, such as KM Player or Daum Pot Player, to play it frame by frame. This will provide you with more information about the film. You will find that offline video players are of more use to you in learning how to navigate through videos on YouTube frame by frame. Leave us a comment with your questions or suggestions for further YouTube and technology tutorials.