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How to Level up Fast in Payday 3


Are you ready to level up fast in Payday 3? Look no further! This guide will show you the most effective strategies and techniques to skyrocket your character’s progression. Instead of earning XP after every match, you’ll gain experience by completing challenges. We’ll explore the best heists for farming XP and share tips and tricks to optimize your gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, get ready to dominate the heists and level up at lightning speed!

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What is XP used for in Payday 3?

XP is used for unlocking various rewards and improving your heisting abilities in Payday 3. Earning XP can unlock challenges, cosmetics, equipment, skill points, and weapons. The more Infamy you have, the higher your Account Level affects your cosmetics and weapons. By levelling up your Infamy, you gain access to benefits that make your heists smoother.

Weapon and Skill XP also unlock new ways to improve your heists, such as passive and active abilities, silencers, and EMC Jammers. To earn XP in Payday 3, you can complete challenges, utilize skills, play with a team, and increase the difficulty. Completing challenges and playing effectively will help you earn more XP per heist, allowing you to level up quickly.

Best ways to get XP in Payday 3

If you want to level up quickly in Payday 3, you can try a few strategies. One effective approach is to focus on completing challenges. Not only do you earn XP for completing challenges, but you also unlock more challenges as you progress. This allows you to earn even more XP and keep advancing. Challenges in Payday 3 can vary widely, from simple tasks like pointing out guards to more difficult objectives like getting kills with specific weapons.

You can maximize your XP gains and level up faster by actively seeking out and completing challenges. Another key factor in leveling up quickly is playing with a team. When you play with others, especially on heists at higher difficulty levels, you can earn more XP than if you were playing solo. Teamwork is crucial in Payday 3, and coordinating your actions with your teammates can lead to greater success and higher XP rewards.

How to Level up Fast in Payday 3

In addition to completing challenges and playing with a team, make sure to utilize your skills and acquire passive abilities. These can significantly enhance your XP gains and make leveling up even faster. Pay attention to your character’s skill tree and choose abilities that will complement your playstyle and help you earn more XP.

To sum it up, if you want to level up quickly in Payday 3, gather your crew, take on challenges, play with a team, and make the most of your skills and passive abilities. By combining these strategies, you’ll be able to level up rapidly and progress through the game.

How to Level Your Character Quickly in Payday 3

To level up quickly in Payday 3, focus on completing challenges from each category at the same time, working towards objectives that boost your character’s progress.

How to Level up Fast in Payday 3

You can maximise your XP gains by tackling challenges from the Heist, Career, and Combat categories simultaneously. For example, you can complete a heist in stealth or loud, using a specific weapon with attachments while also deploying Armor and Ammo Bags.

  • Heist: Different heist completion challenges such as completing the heist in stealth or loud, or completing challenges exclusive to a particular heist.
  • Career: Reaching different Infamy levels, completing different heists with certain weapons and attachments, etc.
  • Combat: Killing enemies with a certain weapon, and deploying things like Armor and Ammo Bags.

How to Level up Fast in Payday 3

This way, you’ll be making progress on multiple challenges with each heist, earning more XP in the process. Additionally, consider playing with a team and increasing the difficulty level to further boost your XP earnings. By efficiently completing heists and collecting bonus loot, you’ll level up your character in no time.

Best heists for farming XP in Payday 3

If you want to maximize your XP gains in Payday 3, try running the Dirty Ice heist quickly and efficiently, taking out all the guards and collecting the prized Jewel. This heist is a great way to farm XP; it can be completed in under five minutes and rewards you with 924 XP.

To run the mission effectively, equip a silencer and mask up early. Enter the building through the roof on the right side. Eliminate all guards inside and disable security cameras. Find the basement code and unlock the vault using the red key card. Grab the prized Jewel and escape through the window. Ferry the three bags to the van for a successful heist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Other Rewards Besides XP That You Can Earn in PAYDAY 3?

Yes, there are other rewards besides XP that you can earn in Payday 3. By completing challenges, you can unlock cosmetics, equipment, skill points, and weapons, all of which will enhance your heists.

Can You Earn XP by Completing Challenges in All Three Categories (Heist, Career, and Combat) Simultaneously?

Yes, you can earn XP by completing challenges in all three categories simultaneously. By working towards completing challenges from each category at the same time, you can level up faster in Payday 3.

Is It Possible to Level up Your Character in PAYDAY 3 by Earning XP in Every Match?

Yes, it is possible to level up your character in Payday 3 by earning XP in every match. XP is earned by completing challenges in heist, career, and combat categories simultaneously.

What Are Some Passive Skills in PAYDAY 3 That Can Help Boost the Amount of XP You Earn per Heist?

Passive skills in Payday 3 can help boost your XP earnings per heist. By utilizing skills like “Mastermind” or “Ghost,” you can gain bonuses such as increased XP rewards for completing objectives or stealth bonuses.

Can You Earn XP by Playing Solo in PAYDAY 3, or Is It More Beneficial to Play With a Team?

Playing with a team in Payday 3 is more beneficial for earning XP. By coordinating heists and utilizing each other’s skills, you can complete objectives faster and efficiently, resulting in more XP gained.


In conclusion, by strategically completing challenges from the Heist, Career, and Combat categories in Payday 3, you can level up your character quickly and efficiently. Additionally, focusing on specific heists that are known for farming XP can greatly boost your progression. With these tips and tricks, you can dominate the heists and unlock exciting rewards in no time. Level up at lightning speed and become a force to be reckoned with in Payday 3!