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How To Log Out Of Twitter


If you have a Twitter account, there is a good probability that you log in at least once a day, if not more than once, in order to browse through your timeline and check out new tweets. If you use Twitter on your phone or personal computer, you may find it convenient to be signed in all the time. This feature is called always-on Twitter. However, there are situations in which you will need to log out of your Twitter account. One example of this would be if you signed in to your account on a public computer or on the phone of another person.

The steps below will walk you through logging out of your Twitter account on any device.

How to log out of Twitter on a computer

If you are connected into Twitter on more than one web browser, such as Chrome and Safari, you will need to check out of Twitter on each browser individually in order to delete your Twitter account.

  • Go to the Twitter website using the web browser that you have installed on your computer.
  • Click the button that looks like three horizontal lines next to your name and profile picture on the homepage of Twitter. It’s in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

How To Log Out Of Twitter

  • Click the Log out [your username] option that appears in the pop-up menu.

  • Click the Log out button once again in the next pop-up to confirm. You will be signed out of Twitter on this web browser immediately; however, you will always be able to sign in again at any moment.

How to log out of Twitter on a mobile device

  • Launch the Twitter application on your Apple or Google mobile device.
  • Tap the symbol that looks like three horizontal lines in the top-left corner of the site while you’re on Twitter.

  • Choose Settings and Privacy from the drop-down option at the very bottom of the menu.

  • Tap the Account button at the very top of the screen titled Settings and privacy.

  • Tap the red Log out button that is located at the bottom of the Account page, and then pick Log out again from the pop-up menu that appears. You will be logged out of the Twitter app immediately; however, you are free to re-enter your credentials at any moment.

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On other devices, how can I log out of Twitter?

Select the “Account” option in the Settings menu. Toward the bottom of the “Data and Permissions” section, choose “Apps and Sessions.” Every device that has access to your account will be shown under the Sessions section. To log out all devices at once, choose “Log Out All Other Sessions”.

Is Twitter’s logout feature automatic?

Your other devices are immediately logged out when you change your Twitter password on one of your devices.

What happens when you log out of Twitter?

No, you don’t lose any of your information when you log out. You’ll be able to see all of your tweets and messages after you re-enter your password. Is it possible to log out of all of my devices at the same time? There is no special mechanism to log out of all of your devices simultaneously, but changing your password is a simple way to do it.