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How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria


The Chellphone in Terraria must be made as soon as you can. This Skeletron-era informational resource will be quite helpful for moving around swiftly. Unlike a cell phone, it can transport you to your home or spawn location at will and to the ocean and underworld. However, if you are starting from scratch, it is nearly hard to craft this item. But you must attempt creating this item in the game if you enjoy such difficulties. Below, we’ve included all the materials you need to quickly create a shell phone in Terraria to make the process easier. You may learn how to create a cell phone in Terraria by reading this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria

The Cell Phone is a late-game item because Skeletron must first be defeated to gain it. It is also not easy to craft because it requires so many fundamental things to make (13).

You need 1 Cell Phone, 1 Magic Conch, and 1 Demon Conch to make a Shellphone. The following things can be combined in the Tinkerer’s Workshop if you already have them to construct a shell phone quickly. However, if you’re beginning from scratch, let us warn you that gathering the components won’t be that simple.

How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria

According to several players, the crafting tree for the Shellphone is one of Terraria’s most intricate. But don’t worry; we’ve got a list of everything you need to make the ingredients below.

How to Make a Cell Phone in Terraria

Craft Cell Phone in Terraria

It should go without saying that you must first create a Cell Phone to manufacture a Shellphone in Terraria. You’ll need either one Magic Mirror, one Ice Mirror, or one PDA. The Underground Cabin chest contains the Magic Mirror. On the other hand, you must search for the Underground Ice chest if you want the Ice Mirror. However, you’ll need to gather some additional items before you can get a PDA. One each of a GPS, Goblin Tech, a fish finder, and an R.E.K 3000.


Where do you get a cell phone in Terraria?

You need to create a PDA using the GPS, the R.E.K 3000, the Goblin Tech, and the Fish Finder on a Tinkerer’s Workshop to receive your cell phone finally. Once you’ve completed that, connect the PDA with the mirror of your choice in a Tinkerer’s Workshop once more, and you will have your very own cell phone.

What does the cell phone do in Terraria?

A post-Skeletron informational device, the cell phone shows fishing power, weather, moon phase, elevation, distance from the planet’s center, time, the nearest valuable environment item, movement speed, current DPS, the total number of kills of the most recent enemy attacked, rare creatures nearby, and the total number of nearby enemies.

Do Terraria pets do anything?

Pets are animals that the player can have as a companion. They have no time limit and are fully unstoppable. When summoned, they will grant the player a bonus with the pet’s name.

What is the biggest crafting tree in Terraria?

The Zenith is the game’s strongest endgame melee weapon. However, it has the most difficult crafting tree, necessitating Terra Blade components and 18 swords to complete.

Did Terraria copy Minecraft?

Terraria was developed after Minecraft and is somewhat inspired by it. There are some significant variances between them, though. Initially, Terraria is a two-dimensional game. Minecraft has three dimensions.