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How to Make Jack o’ Lantern in Minecraft


The Jack-o’-lantern block in Minecraft is a hardy pumpkin that has been carved, and it was upgraded for the Halloween special this year. In the real world, a jack-o’-lantern is a Halloween decoration consisting of a carved pumpkin lantern. This tradition is most closely associated with the holiday of Halloween. Yet, the way it is utilized in Minecraft is completely dissimilar to how it is utilized in the real world. In order to build a Jack-O-Lantern, you must first place a carved pumpkin in the crafting interface, ideally in the middle of the 3×3 grid, and then place a torch stick underneath the pumpkin. After you have finished carving a Jack-O’-Lantern, you should put it in your inventory. This post will walk you through the process of creating a jack-o’-lantern using the Minecraft game. So let’s get started:

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How to Make Jack o’ Lantern in Minecraft

Required Materials:

  • 1 square of pumpkin with carvings
  • Torch

Pumpkins are one of the items available in Minecraft that can’t be crafted using the crafting table or the furnace. Instead, you must search for and acquire this item while playing the game. To begin, you will need to explore your Minecraft world in search of a biome known as Extreme Hills or Plains, where pumpkin plants are most commonly found. When you have located a plant that produces pumpkins, the next step is to dig up the pumpkins. It is imperative that the pumpkin be retrieved before it is lost forever. Now that you have a pumpkin in your possession. To make shears, follow this procedure, which requires only two iron ingots total:

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

You are in possession of the shears as well as the pumpkin. Now that we’ve gotten this far, we can finally finish assembling one of the Jack-building o’-lantern’s components. Put the pumpkin on the ground nearby, not far from you. Shears can be equipped by utilizing the hotbar. Just left-clicking on the pumpkin while you are armed with the shears will allow you to use them on the pumpkin. You will be able to tell that the pumpkin has been effectively carved when it has marks on it similar to the ones in the picture below.

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

The only thing left to do is unearth the pumpkin that has been carved and put it in your inventory.

Make Torch:

To construct a torch, you will need to place one coal or charcoal and one stick into the crafting grid that is three by three.

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

Make a Jack O Lantern:

Open up your crafting table so that you may start making the Jack o’lantern using the materials that you have collected and are currently stored in your inventory. When you first open your crafting table, you will see a 3×3 grid that looks very much like the one in the following picture:

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

Put the pumpkin block that has been carved from your inventory into the second space of the first row:

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

Put the torch in the exact same spot directly below the carved pumpkin, which should line up with the second space along the second row.

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft

Put this in the inventory:

How to Make Jack o' Lantern in Minecraft


What does a jack-o-lantern do in Minecraft?

The origin of light

Underwater, jack-o’-lanterns can serve as useful sources of illumination. Jack-o’-lanterns, which are carved from pumpkins, give off more light than the torches that are used to carve them. They produce the highest possible light level of 15, which is emitted by them. In addition to this, they emit light even when submerged in water.

Are pumpkins rarer than diamonds in Minecraft?

Pumpkins are more difficult to come by than diamonds, yet because of this, it is far simpler to amass a collection of pumpkins than it would be of diamonds.

What is a rare pet in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, pink sheep are one of the most difficult animals to come by. There is a one in 156 and a half percent chance that a normally produced sheep will have pink wool. In addition to this, there is only a 0.0082% probability that a newborn sheep will spawn with the hue pink due to the fact that only 10% of sheep spawn as infants.

What animals will protect you in Minecraft?


Dogs behave in a manner that is analogous to that of cats in that they will follow you around unless you right-click on them to make them sit. They are convenient to travel with and will defend you from any enemies you encounter; but, they do have a tendency to get dangerously close to lava and fire.

Why use gold armor in the nether?

Pig-like creatures that resemble humans that can be found in Minecraft’s Nether can engage in commerce with players. You will need to be wearing at least one item of gold armour in order to engage in trade with these individuals. They will attack you if you are not wearing at least one piece of gold jewellery when you approach them.