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How to Record Your Screen With Microsoft PowerPoint


You don’t need to look any further than Microsoft PowerPoint if what you’re after is a straightforward and speedy method to record what’s happening on your computer screen. Indeed, you have it correct! The software that Microsoft provides for the creation of presentations does, in fact, include a screen recording option among its other tools. The procedure is as follows.

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How to Record Your Screen With Microsoft PowerPoint

Start by opening either a new presentation or an existing one, and then follow these steps to produce a screen recording in PowerPoint:

1. Click the Screen Recording button that can be found under the Insert tab.

2. To select an area, either click Select Area in the dock that opens or press the Windows key plus Shift plus A on your computer.

3. Clicking and dragging the mouse will allow you to select the area of your screen that will be recorded when the crosshairs tool displays.

4. Both the audio and the location of the mouse pointer are recorded by default. If you do not wish to record them, you may turn them off by clicking the corresponding buttons in the dock.

5. To begin recording, either select the option to do so by clicking the Record button or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Shift + R. This keyboard shortcut also allows you to pause and restart recording at any time. PowerPoint will continue to record even if you switch to a different programme or window while it’s running in the background.

How to Record Your Screen With Microsoft PowerPoint

6. When you are through recording, move the pointer of your mouse back to the location where the dock was, and it will reappear there. To stop the recording, either click the Stop button or press the Windows key plus Shift plus Q on your keyboard simultaneously. (Click the pin symbol in the lower right corner of the screen if you want to keep the dock pinned while you are recording.)