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How to Make Sticks in Minecraft


Stuff composed of wood is called “sticks” in Minecraft, and they are one of the most important building elements you’ll encounter in the game. Having a large supply of sticks on hand is essential, especially if you plan on going spelunking or mining, as sticks are necessary for both torches and pickaxes, as well as a plethora of other essential crafts.

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Materials Required to Make Sticks

Wood logs, which are obtained from trees, are required for the production of sticks in Minecraft. Each variety of tree produces a log of the matching type, which you may use to make planks of wood. Those planks are transformed into sticks at this point. In order to manufacture four sticks, two boards are required.

How to Craft Sticks in Minecraft

The following steps will show you how to make sticks in Minecraft:

1. Locate an appropriate tree for your needs.

2. Punch the tree in the face with your fist.

To punch a tree in Minecraft:

  • PC: Left click
  • Xbox: Right trigger
  • PlayStation: R2
  • Nintendo: ZR

3. It is necessary to pick up the blocks that have fallen on the ground.

4. Make a choice from the crafting options available to you.

5. Any type of log may be used in the crafting menu, regardless of its size.

6. Make two planks that are aligned vertically, one at the top and one right below it, in the same area, in your crafting interface, then remove the logs from your crafting screen.

7. In order to properly inventory sticks, they need be relocated out of the crafting results.

What Can You Do With Sticks in Minecraft?

Stuff like sticks are one of the most important crafting resources in Minecraft, since you can use them to make a variety of items and recipes. The first thing to consider is making some tools out of some sticks, notably an axe, so that you may gather more wood and produce more sticks without having to go through the time-consuming process of punching. In addition, it would be beneficial if you maintained a ready supply of them on hand for the purpose of crafting torches, which are essential for survival in Minecraft, both to illuminate your path and to keep hostile monsters such as creepers from spawning in your home or base.

Consider the following example of how to create an axe out of sticks in Minecraft:

1. To create a Crafting Table, place four planks in your crafting interface and click on them.

2. Placing the Crafting Table on the ground is recommended.

3. Create a crafting table interface by placing two sticks and three planks on the ground.

4. Replace your fists with the axe in your inventory and use it to cut down trees instead of punching with them.

You can then use sticks to make a pickaxe, mine for ore, make improved axes, pickaxes, and other tools, and continue progressing through the game.

Some things that require sticks:

  • Tools: All tools, including axes, pickaxes, and shovels, require sticks and a second material, like wood planks or your choice of ore.
  • Weapons: Weapons like swords and bows also use sticks as the basic building block.
  • Fishing rod: They’re used to catch fish and are made of sticks.
  • Torches: Torches, made from sticks and coal or charcoal, are the easiest way to light things up and night and underground.
  • Ladders: Essential for mining and spelunking, ladders are made of sticks.
  • Fences: Useful for protecting your base and keeping livestock secure, you make fences in Minecraft from sticks.
  • Rails: Made from iron and sticks, you can use rails to get around faster.
  • Signs: Make your mark on the world by planting a sign made from sticks and planks.