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How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft


If you’re a Minecraft opponent – a zombie, a pillager, or even a spider — there are few things more terrifying than an Iron Golem to contend with.

Iron Golems are non-player characters (NPCs) who may be seen wandering about friendly communities. They appear to be placid at first, but as soon as they spot an adversary, they race over and pound it to the ground in anger. In fact, if you assault an Iron Golem or do harm to a villager in its vicinity, it will become enraged and attack you.

Despite the fact that the majority of Iron Golems spend their life guarding settlements, you may construct your own personal Golem to guard your house. They’ll still kill any close enemies, but they shouldn’t go too far away from you if you keep them on a leash or chained to a fence. Find out how to create an Iron Golem in Minecraft, as well as how to care for it. [Updated]

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How to Make an Iron Golem in Minecraft

Several components are required in order to construct your own Iron Golem.

  • Four blocks of iron
  • One carved pumpkin, jack o’lantern, or (in Bedrock Edition only) pumpkin

To create iron blocks, you’ll need to combine nine iron ingots into a single block. Iron ingots are produced by smelting raw iron or iron ore with a variety of different types of fuel.

Pumpkins may be found growing in patches in grassy regions all throughout the world, and they are particularly common in the United States. Once you’ve discovered one, you may make it into a carved pumpkin by slicing it with a pair of scissors. A jack o’lantern can be made by combining a carved pumpkin and a torch, which is a Halloween tradition.

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, stack two iron blocks on top of one another and then place one iron block on either side of the top one. This should result in the formation of a “T” shape. Afterwards, remove your pumpkin from its container and lay it on top of the centre block.

Using and healing your Iron Golem

Whenever they see an enemy, all Iron Golems will instantly follow and fight that adversary. In addition, over time, Golems you build may wander off to the next hamlet that does not already have a Golem to serve as a guardian. Once they’ve located a suitable location, they’ll remain there.

Two options are available to you if you want your Iron Golem to remain in a certain location. You may either fence in a certain area for them to remain in or use a lead to tether them to a fence to keep them safe. Iron Golems will not pursue any adversaries who are outside of the fenced-in area or outside of the range of their leash.

Therefore, if you intend to deploy your Iron Golem as a personal security guard, it is recommended that you create fences around the perimeter of your whole property. This will let your Iron Golem to roam the grounds and attack adversaries, but it will prevent them from wandering off. All you have to do is make sure your Golem doesn’t have any blocks to use as stepping stones to go over the gate.

As your Iron Golem battles, you’ll notice fractures appearing all over its body as it continues to fight. This indicates that it is in pain – the greater the number of cracks, the less health your Golem has.

Iron ingots may be used to repair an Iron Golem’s chest by holding them in your hands and “using” them on the Golem. Every ingot will restore 25 health points.

And keep in mind that while any Iron Golem you construct will not fight you (even if you attack it), it will attack and kill any tamed wolf you own if it is injured by one of your own. When Golems die, they leave behind a pair of iron ingots and, on occasion, a bouquet of poppies.

How to Find an Iron Golem in Minecraft

That’s how you go about creating your own Golem. Nonetheless, Iron Golems may be found naturally across the globe, in two locations: villages and pillager outposts.

Most communities will have an Iron Golem roaming the streets, slaying any intruders who dare to enter the community. If you injure a villager in close proximity to them, or if you have assaulted the village enough times in the past, the Golem will rush up to you and begin attacking. It’s likely that if a community doesn’t already have an Iron Golem, they’ll create one immediately if you or an opponent assault them.

Iron Golems can occasionally be seen imprisoned in cages at pillager outposts, and they are extremely dangerous. If you are successful in freeing the Golem, it will assist you in attacking any surrounding pillagers. A lead may be placed on any naturally born Golem and it can be transported anywhere without causing any harm.