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How to Reset Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon


Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon

In case you’re playing Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS and need to scrap your save document since you may extravagant changing your character’s name, need to attempt another starter Pokemon, or essentially simply need to play through the game once more, you will have to realize how to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Resetting your Pokémon Sword and Shield game is a pretty straightforward cycle however there’s no genuine heading given on the most proficient method to really do it. In this article, we will experience all you’ll require to know to finish the cycle.

Hoping to How to Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon? There’s a lot of reasons why somebody would need to scrap their save record from the beginning. Perhaps you need another character and name, or possibly you’re pursuing for a starter with an ideal nature. Regardless, this is what you need to do.

To begin with, in light of the fact that Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon just permits you to have each dynamic save record in turn, you’ll need to erase your present game advancement. Boot up your game so that you’re at the menu screen, and afterward press X, B, and Up (on the d-cushion). This will raise a brief inquiring as to whether you wish to erase your document. State indeed, and whoosh, it’s gone for all time.

Reset or Restart a Pokemon Sun/Moon Game

Pokémon Sun & Moon Tutorial - How to Erase Delete Save File (Walkthrough Guide) - YouTube

Resetting or restarting a Pokemon Sun/Moon game is an easy decision task with your 3DS reassure. Notwithstanding, kindly recall that How to Reset List of Cats in Pokemon Sun and Moon permits just a single dynamic save document at a time; this means you can’t have two dynamic games all at once, and you need to delete the current advancement.

  • Stage 1: Open Pokemon Sun/Moon
  • Step 2: In the menu screen, press “Up” + “B” + “X” at the same time.
  • Stage 3: You will be provoked to erase saved information, select “Yes”.

The writing is on the wall! your past game advancement is presently deleted and supplanted with your new game. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to start your experience in Alola locale indeed.

How to Delete a Save File

Luckily, it’s very easy to erase a save record in How to Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon so you can begin once again. On the initial screen, the one where the realistic is playing, press Up on the D-Pad, B, and X simultaneously. You’ll at that point be found out if you truly need to erase all your information, etc. It may take an attempt or two, except if you have fantastic planning when squeezing catches, yet you’ll arrive.

That is it for how to restart your save document, however make certain to look at our other Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon guides for different tips and deceives to help you be a Pokemon Master!

How to Soft Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon Pushes Old 3DS Models to Their Limits | Pokemon Sun and Moon

In case you’re not having any desire to restart Pokemon Sun and Moon totally and are somewhat searching for a delicate reset so you can chase for those consistently wanted sparkling Pokemon, you can easily. There’s no muddled hacks or workarounds to get your number one sparkly one time just Pokemon. You can basically delicate reset your Pokemon Sun or Moon game and you’ll be set back toward the beginning screen where you can stack in the specific spot you last saved, rapidly and effectively.

Here’s the manner by which to get that delicate How to Reset Pokemon Sun and Moon done so you can get to getting those uncommon beasts!

Save your game

Be at present playing Pokemon Sun or Moon and save your game

Press L, R, and SELECT

At the point you need to do a delicate reset, press the L, R, and SELECT catches

Burden your save document

You will presently be at the fundamental menu where you can stack up your save game

We trust that this how to control for restarting your Sun and Moon game. Just as delicate resetting has been useful! We’ve likewise made various aides in case you’re experiencing difficulty with some other Pokemon games. Here are a portion of our top picks.


Aside from the self-evident, ‘I need to begin once more’ thinking for restarting the game. A great deal of long-lasting Pokémon players select to restart the game before they even beginning playing. The thinking? To ideally get a tricky sparkly Pokémon as their starter. Gleaming Pokémon are exceptional animals that have an alternate appearance to their non-glossy partners however are eventually a similar Pokemon Type Chart.

Different reasons incorporate needing a particular sexual orientation, measurement, or nature. Eventually, pounding resets for these sort of characteristics are certainly held for the most committed. Pokémon addicts, however on the off chance that you do figure out how to get your ideal animal. It can make your entire gaming experience considerably more charming.

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