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How To Save A TikTok To Camera Roll


Today’s social media world is dominated by apps such as TikTok, which is one of the most popular. In addition to Instagram and Facebook content, TikTok videos may be found virtually anyplace on the internet.

TikTok combines the capabilities of apps such as Instagram and the YouTube app to create something entirely new. Because of the millions of short films ranging from comedy to musicals, politics to animals, and everything in between, this app is popular among a diverse variety of people from all walks of life.

Every day, millions of individuals devote their free time to watching TikTok videos on social media platforms. Many users, however, are perplexed as to how they may save and save a TikTok video.

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How To Save A TikTok To Camera Roll (Step-By-Step)

Use The TikTok App Save Feature

Step 1: Download Or Update TikTok

You must have the most recent version of the specialized official TikTok app installed on your smartphone in order to use it.

Prior to continuing, make sure that you have downloaded and updated your TikTok app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, if you have not previously done so.

Step 2: Find The Video You’d Like To Save

If you’d like to save one of your own videos, go to your Profile and scroll down until you see the option for saving videos.

If you’d want to download a video that has been shared by another TikToker, you can do so by searching for it in the search bar. Finding a flagged video can also be accomplished by visiting your Profile page and clicking on the flag symbol. Alternatively, if you merely loved the video, you can find it by clicking the heart icon in the centre of the screen.

Step 3: Save The Video

Now that the movie has been launched, hold down the mouse button on the screen until the options menu displays. The Save Video or Download icon will be visible in this area. You can also pick the Download symbol by clicking on the Share icon, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Find The Video

Navigate to your Camera Roll or Gallery and locate the video you’ve just saved under the TikTok album that you’ve already created.

Save Videos As A Gif

This method, as well as the next two on this list, will show you how to download videos that do not have a Save icon displayed on the screen.

Some TikToker block all downloads of their videos, which is why the symbol for downloading them has been removed from the settings menu.

Workarounds such as storing the video as a GIF are available, albeit they are not ideal.

The following are the steps you must take:

1.Locate and open the video file that you want to save.
2.Select the Share icon, which is shaped like an arrow.
3.Select the option to share as a GIF.
4.Keep your phone on silent as TikTok converts the video into a GIF and saves it to your phone.
5.The GIF will be saved in your TikTok album, which may be found on your Camera Roll or Gallery.

 Use Instagram To Download The Video

Another method for saving videos that have been restricted from being downloaded by the producer is to make use of Instagram.

Take the following steps:

1.While the video is playing on TikTok, click on the Share icon to share it with others.
2.When it comes to sharing your video, the Instagram Story option is the best alternative.
3.Wait for TikTok to save the video to Instagram and then click on it.
4.To save the video to your camera roll on Instagram, click on the download symbol at the top of the story page and select “Save video to camera roll.”

Use Third-Party Video Downloading Tools

As a workaround, you can utilise one of the many apps and websites that allow you to download any video you desire by simply entering its URL.

Those who don’t want to use up their smartphone’s limited storage space on TikTok videos can also use this way to store the videos to their desktops.

A TikTok video’s link is required before utilizing any of these apps.

Steps to follow:

1.Using the TikTok app or a web browser, go to and sign in using your account.
2.When you’ve found the video you want to save, click the Share option.
3.From the Options menu, select Copy Link.
4.You can also copy the video’s URL from the browser.
Once you receive the URL, you can download your video using one of the following applications.

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