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How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite


The video game Fortnite continues to receive high marks from critics and doesn’t appear to be losing its crown any time soon. The nicest part about it is the amount of imagination that went into creating the characters, skins, and the Battle Royale mode, where you can show off all of your hard work to your friends. You won’t need to spend a dime to acquire the vast majority of the stuff, characters, and skins in this game. Every time you begin a new match in Fortnite, the game will choose a default character based on whether you have purchased the battle pass or any character skins from the item shop.

There are eight different default characters to choose from. There are presently no transgender characters in Fortnite, so if you were curious about that, the eight playable characters are all either male or female. Four of the characters are male, and the other four are female. Therefore, there is approximately a fifty percent possibility that whenever you start a new game, your character will automatically transform to a different gender. This occurs when you enter a new world. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to alter your gender in Fortnite. So let’s get started:

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How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite

Although we will be focusing largely on the iOS and iPadOS version of Fortnite, you can modify the gender of your character on Fortnite for Android, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo modify, Mac, and Windows PC by following these procedures. We will focus mostly on the game’s iOS and iPadOS versions.

1. When in the game’s main menu, go to the Locker part by tapping on the “hanger” icon, which is placed directly next to the Item Shop. This will take you to that section.

How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite

2. Now, as demonstrated in the screenshot below, tap on the character you are using now.

How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite

3. You can change your character’s appearance here by selecting a different skin from one of the many you have purchased from the game’s Item Shop or earned by just playing the game regularly. Tap “Save and Exit” when you’ve decided on the character you want to use, then select that character.

How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite

4. You can use your V-Bucks to buy skins from the Item Shop if you don’t already have any that correspond to the gender you want to play as when you transition.

How to Switch or Change Gender in Fortnite

So there you have it. You are now aware of how to alter the gender of the character you play in the video game Fortnite. You should be aware that you won’t be able to manually alter your character’s gender in Fortnite unless you have skins for both genders, which may be earned or purchased. This information is very crucial.


What gender is Fortnite player?

It should not come as a surprise that the majority of Fortnite players are male given the nature of the gaming industry in general and of shooter games in particular. In the United States, 72.4 percent of the game’s players are male, compared to 27.6 percent who are female.

Who is LGBTQ in Fortnite?

Dreamer was the only true LGBT+ component of that, which brings me full circle to my original point.Dreamer is the first transgender character to appear in Fortnite, for those who are ignorant of this fact.

Are there free skins in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, there are a limited number of ways to acquire free V-bucks, and there are an even smaller number of ways to acquire a free skin directly. It should come as no surprise that the limited-time events and quests that the developers roll out every few months and give away free cosmetics to players wind up becoming some of the game’s rarest skins ever made available to players.

Are there Fortnite skin codes?

Using Redeem Codes is one of the most reliable ways to acquire free skins in Fortnite. Fortnite gives out redeem codes at random on a monthly basis, and some of these tickets can be redeemed for free skins. Be sure to add this page to your bookmarks and keep checking back for newly updated redeem codes.

Who is the best girl Fortnite gamer?

When discussing the female players in Fortnite, we can’t help but bring up Sommerset, who is not only the most well-known but also the one that racks up the most victories.