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How to Take Cover in GTA 5 PC


Rockstar’s 2013 masterwork, Grand Theft Auto 5, is currently free to play on the Epic Games Store until the 21st of May, and gamers are immediately throwing themselves headfirst into the game’s expansive and immersive open world.

Players who have already experienced Grand Theft Auto V since its initial release in 2013 should take advantage of this opportunity to revisit the city of Los Santos, search for mysteries that they may have overlooked the first time around, or play Grand Theft Auto Online for the first time.

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How to Take Cover in GTA 5 PC

It’s possible that a significant number of gamers will discover that the controls for Grand Theft Auto 5 that are pre-installed on their personal computers are a little bit tricky to get used to. When a player first starts playing, they should make an effort to map the game’s controls to their personal preferences, which is something that existing players should already be doing.

In the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5, this is how you can conceal yourself.

How to Take Cover in GTA 5 PC