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How to Track Someone by Phone Number Online?


Can you track someone by phone number? In the past, only the government, the police, and network carriers could access such technology. Fortunately, with the advancements in technology, there is software that can help you with that.

There are plenty of phone tracker tools that are available on the internet nowadays. With the help of a reputable phone tracker tool, you can quickly get real-time location updates about your target. However, finding the right tracker tool for the job can be so exhausting.

In this blog, we will enlighten you on what you should go for when selecting a tracker tool. To do this, we will shed light on one of the leading tracker solutions in the market, Spyine. You can also use this tool for spying on someone’s messages online for free.

Introducing Spyine

Do you remember seeing spy films where the detective would secretly have their eyes on the target’s activities? Well, think of Spyine as an app version of that.

Spyine is a well-known software for remotely tracking mobile phones. By just inputting your target’s phone number, you will be able to follow their movement in real-time. Spyine uses a mix of GPS, WiFi, and cellular signal to pinpoint a device’s location on a map.

You can use the app to monitor any modern smartphone or tablet. The platform is primarily designed based on what people need and require from it. Therefore, you are assured that you will not miss a thing.

Expert technical professionals designed the app, but the user doesn’t have to be a technical expert. Any regular user should be able to get through it without much effort.

Why Spyine?

There are a lot of reasons as to why people use Spyine to track cell phone locations. We will highlight some of these reasons below.


To start with, with Spyine, you will be working with a cross-platform application. Spyine offers its services to both Android and iOS devices. This gives you the flexibility you need.

If your target has an Android device, a one-time installation of the app on their device is mandatory. The app is tiny, at 2 MBs, and installs in minutes. Once installed, tracking data is sent to your web dashboard, which you access remotely from your phone or PC.

For iOS devices, Spyine is fully cloud-based. This means you only need to provide the iCloud credentials of the target device. Afterward, you can track it from your web browser.

Silent Operation

Spyine takes advantage of the stealth technology in its operation, allowing it to work under the hood.

In Android phones, stealth technology is achieved by completely hiding the app once it has been installed. The app collects all the information you need in the background and without any notifications. Moreover, the app does not drain the target’s phone battery.

For iOS devices, no software download is necessary. This means there is no place you will tinker with the target’s phone. It will therefore be next to impossible for your target to detect your presence.


No Root or Jailbreak Needed

Most phone tracker applications will require you to carry out rooting or jailbreaking practices on the target’s phone. Spyine makes sure you don’t have to go through such problems. All its features can work without the need for root or jailbreak.

You, therefore, get the desired results without compromising the target’s phone.

Ease of Usage

Spyine is synonymous with convenience. Once set up, you will get to receive updates via the online dashboard in your account. The dashboard has a clean and well-arranged user interface that you will get to enjoy.

What’s more, Spyine is compatible with any web browser.

Data Privacy

It is important to note that Spyine does not store any of your data on its servers. Therefore, even Spyine’s team cannot access your private information.

So if you decide to go for Spyine, be assured that you will be working with an intrinsically secure solution.

Spyine’s Powerful Tracking Features

In general, Spyine possesses lots of proficient features that will blow you away. If you are looking to track someone using a phone number, the location tracker will help you.

With the location tracker feature, you can follow the target in real-time. Spyine shows you the device’s location on a virtual and interactive map. Every time the phone user moves to a new place, it gets tagged on the map.

Along with this, you can view the location’s address, the time and date entries, and geographical coordinates. This tells you exactly when the person entered a particular area and at what time. You can also see where the device was located over previous weeks.

In addition to that, Spyine offers an advanced geofencing feature. With the geofence utility, you can create a watched perimeter around a particular location. You then receive notifications when the device enters this monitored zone or leaves it.

Spyine also integrates Google Maps in tracking. Integration with Google Maps enables you to access the location with standard features such as Google’s 3D Street View.

Apart from real-time location tracking, the app also supports SIM card and cellular network tracking. The app will show you the location of the SIM card on a map. If you track the SIM card, you follow the phone number.

This specification will notify you when there has been a SIM swap on the phone and tracks the new SIM card. The app offers other details, too, such as the carrier information and the IMEI number.


In conclusion, we have seen you can track someone by phone number. All you need is a reputable phone tracker solution like Spyine. Spyine is designed in a way that the user need not dig in to put any effort.

The platform works with both Android and iOS devices without any root or jailbreak needed. With Spyine, you can quickly check what is happening beneath your nose.

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