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How to Turn Narrator On or Off on Windows 10


A computer running Windows 10 comes equipped with an accessibility tool called Narrator, which reads out loud any text that is displayed on the screen and announces any notifications that pop up. It can be especially helpful for individuals who require additional assistance in navigating their way around Windows or comprehending the content that is displayed on the screen. This article will show you how to turn on or off Narrator on a Windows 10 device.

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How to Turn Narrator On or Off on Windows 10

Using Settings

1. To begin, pick the Gear icon by first clicking the Start button, and then selecting the icon that looks like a gear in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This action will open the window where the settings can be configured.

How to Turn Narrator On or Off on Windows 10

2. Choose “Ease of Access” from the available options on the menu.

3. Make your selection by going to the list of available options on the left side of the screen and picking “Narrator.”

4. You can either activate the feature by clicking the button labelled “Turn on Narrator” inside the “Use Narrator” part of the interface, or you can deactivate the feature by pressing the same button. Using the “Use Narrator” box, you are able to accomplish this task in either manner.

How to Turn Narrator On or Off on Windows 10


What is the Narrator button on Windows 10?

The text that appears on the screen of your computer is read aloud by the narrator. Additionally, it specifies events like notifications and calendar appointments, which enables you to use your personal computer even when it is not connected to a display. To start or stop Narrator, press Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter. After opening Narrator, you can access all of its commands by pressing the Caps Lock key and the F1 key simultaneously.

Which key is the Narrator key?

Both the Covers lock and Supplement keys act as your Storyteller key as a matter of course. You can substitute one of these keys for the Storyteller key in any order that calls for it. In the orders, the Storyteller key is alluded to as “Storyteller,” with no extra data.

Why is my computer talking when I type?

You can likewise debilitate the console alternate way by going to Settings > Straightforward entry. Under the Storyteller area, uncheck the “Permit the easy route key to begin Storyteller”.

What are sticky keys in Windows?

Tacky Keys empowers the client to enter key blends by squeezing keys in grouping as opposed to all the while. This will help clients who can’t press or experience issues squeezing alternate route key blends.

How do I get my keyboard back to normal?

To restore your console once again mode, you should simply press the ctrl and shift keys simultaneously. Press the quote key if you have any desire to see whether it has returned to generally expected. Assuming that it is as yet misbehaving, once more, you can move. After this cycle, you ought to have returned to typical.

Does Windows 10 have text to speech?

You can add text-to-discourse voices to Windows 10 through your PC’s Settings application. Whenever you’ve added a text-to-discourse voice to Windows, you can involve it in programs like Microsoft Word, OneNote, and Edge.