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Benefits and Disadvantages of Vue.js


Although JavaScript is a complete language on its own, its environment is perhaps more important. By laying the groundwork for more seamless development, tools like frameworks make the life of a software developer considerably simpler. The framework, which enables you to create sentences and communicate, can be compared to the phrasebook if the language is thought of as the alphabet.

Benefits of VueJS


We can’t discuss Vue.js’ benefits without first addressing its size. It weighs only 18kB after gzipping as opposed to 80kB or 29kB for jQuery after minification (depending on the version you select). By selecting Vue, you will obtain one of the finest speed characteristics accessible because the entire Vue ecosystem is compact and quick.


Due to Vue’s simplicity and clarity, programmers who are already familiar with other JavaScript frameworks may learn it extremely quickly. The syntax of Vue is straightforward and uncomplicated. Given that the Vue components are essentially a hybrid of HTML and JavaScript, seasoned developers who begin working with Vue find its structure to be highly natural. Large-scale template development is made possible by its straightforward structure, and the vue js developer may still immediately identify any problematic sections.


Due to its large and thorough documentation, Vue.js is quick and simple to understand. It enables the creation of apps by novice developers who are simply familiar with the fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript. This demonstrates that a novice can successfully manage complex processes with low resources.


VueJS’s responsiveness is one of its best qualities. Never before has data coupling between HTML and JS code been so simple. Two-way reactive data binding is no problem for Vue. The DOM changes by changes to data. It is ideal for SPAs. Any application that needs real-time updates is ideal for it.

Components of Vue

The ease with which code can be reused is one of Vue.js’ finest features. The smaller interactive portions of an app known as components and views are simple to integrate into the current infrastructure and have no adverse effects on the system as a whole. It is thus perfect for incorporating numerous small reactive components into an existing template. Using a specialized state manager called Vuex, you can easily share states between components. Both Vue-router and Views make building a SPA simple.


One of the most adaptable programming languages currently accessible in JavaScript. This versatility is improved much further with Vue. You are not required to make your components in “the only right way.” Because the Vue framework is non-opinionated, you can design the app’s structure as you like.

Supporting TypeScript

TypeScript is natively supported by Vue. With each release, the team incorporates new features and enhancements.

Disadvantages of Vue.js

Lack of Assistance for Big Projects

A sizable group of active programmers does not support the relatively new language Vue.js. The Vue.js development team is similarly small, therefore it will take some time for the platform to gain support from businesses. As of 2018, the framework’s development is not influenced by corporate interests, therefore any changes to the current framework largely depend on community feedback. Adopting a particular technology in the world of JavaScript can always be viewed as a wager against the stability of a platform. 

Future Candidates

Due to the limited size of the development team, there may be a chance for another innovative framework to capture the attention of the community in the lack of ongoing research. The evolution of the framework may then be sluggish or possibly stop. These concerns are real because powerful companies like Google and Facebook are working hard to develop similar ideas.

Language Issues

Language limitations have also been mentioned by some experts as a potential issue. It’s noteworthy to notice that the majority of the coding is written in Chinese, which frequently makes things difficult for people who are not native speakers. As a result, compared to other development communities, there appears to be a lot of support for the Chinese community.

Not Enough Plugins

Support for crucial plugins is lacking because Vue.js is still in the development stage. It implies that programmers will have to migrate to another language. For instance, developers frequently use plain vanilla JavaScript when utilizing Google Maps. On a related note, given how quickly Vue.js is developing, some of the key information available online may be out-of-date, forcing developers to refer to the documentation.