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How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus on Android and iOS


Audio descriptions are one of the many accessibility elements that are included in Disney Plus. These explanations are provided by a narrator track and describe what is happening on screen. This function is helpful for subscribers who have visual impairments; however, it can be bothersome for users who do not require the assistance of a narrator. This feature may have been activated on your mobile device inadvertently, but if you are unsure how to deactivate it, you may easily correct the situation by reading the following information.

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How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus on Android and iOS

You can use the Disney Plus app on your Android phone or tablet, as well as on your iPhone or iPad, and now I will teach you how to close the narration on Disney Plus on these mobile devices. You can use the Disney Plus app on your Android phone or tablet here.

1. Launch the Disney+ application on your Apple or Google mobile device.

2. Pull up a movie and start watching it.

3. Use your finger to tap anywhere on the display to bring up the playback transport controls (play/pause, rewind, and forward).

How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus on Android and iOS

4. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, there is a square icon that looks like more settings.

How to Turn Off Narrator on Disney Plus on Android and iOS

5. You will be presented with the options for configuring the audio and the subtitles. Choose English from the list of audio options (the language without AD or audio description).


Is there audio description on Disney plus?

The encouraging news is “YES!” There are approximately 300 movies and programmes available on Disney+ that have descriptive audio. These include newer films such as Noelle with Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader, animated classics such as The Little Mermaid, and even some older live-action films such as 1969’s The Love Bug.

Where are the audio settings on Disney plus?

modifying the language of the audio, the captions, and the subtitles To access the settings menu while you are viewing a video, pick the icon labelled “Audio & Subtitles Menu” located in the top right corner of your screen. This step could be different for you depending on the device you’re using. *Pick the language that best suits your needs. Dec 22, 2021

Can you turn Audio Description off?

Your TV’s remote control and the Settings menu will be different depending on the make and type of your TV. Audio description can be turned on or off in a variety of ways. In most cases, the option can be found in the Settings menu of your TV, under the heading Accessibility. A specialised button may be found on the remote control of some brands and models of televisions.

Why is my TV giving Audio Description?

Voice Guide is on if your TV is making announcements about everything you do on the screen. The accessibility tool known as Voice Guide is designed to be of assistance to users who are blind or visually impaired. To disable Voice Guide, open the Home app and go to the Settings menu, then select General, Accessibility, Voice Guide Settings, and then Voice Guide.

Why can’t I hear the voices on Disney Plus?

Your first order of business should be to do a system update on your television. Navigate to the settings menu of your television, click on “About,” and then click on “Contact Us.”… It is necessary to alter your audio settings if your Android TV has been updated yet you are still having sound problems with Disney Plus even after doing so.