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Atomic Heart – How to Use Telekinesis


You can use your sentient glove to pick up small objects and telekinetically throw them to divert hostile robots and cameras by using Atomic Heart telekinesis. It is among Atomic Heart’s most thrilling skills. To divert robots and cameras, you can utilize telekinesis to move small items. Because it allows you to affect little items around you, the fundamental telekinesis skill is best used for stealth situations and puzzles rather than battle. You can utilize telekinesis in atomic hearts by following the instructions in this article:

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How to Use Telekinesis

In Atomic Heart, employing Telekinesis presents no difficulties. To use it, all you have to do is hold and release R1 or RB. The button varies based on the Atomic Heart gadget you are using.

Atomic Heart - How to Use Telekinesis

To toss an object with telekinesis that you are holding in your hands, you must hold it and release R1 or RB. Although the opponent is not damaged by this skill, it is a great way to divert robots and cameras. In Atomic Heart, telekinesis capabilities are rather restricted. It is impossible to move and toss heavy objects.

On the other hand, you will concentrate on little items like loose crates and boxes. Although the primary use of telekinesis is to divert attention, you also utilize it to complete other tasks and puzzles. Thus, even if you have no use for Telekinesis, you still need to unlock it.

How to Use Telekinesis on Enemies

Atomic Heart - How to Use Telekinesis

By purchasing the Mass Telekinesis power from Nora upgrading station robots, you can deploy telekinetic power against adversaries. Purchasing the initial power costs 66 Neuropolymer and makes foes susceptible by propelling them into the air. Although it can’t be used to throw foes, it may be upgraded to the point where enemies are hoisted and then thrown back down onto the ground, doing damage.


What is telekinesis in “Atomic Heart,” and how does it work?

Telekinesis is a psychic ability that allows players to move objects with their mind. In the game, players can use telekinesis to interact with the environment, solve puzzles, and combat enemies.

Can I use telekinesis on any object in the game?

While telekinesis is a powerful ability, it does have limitations. Not all objects in the game can be moved using telekinesis, and some objects may require more effort to move than others.

Are there any tips for using telekinesis effectively in “Atomic Heart”?

To use telekinesis effectively, try to aim at the center of the object you want to move and use a steady hand to control its movement. Practice using telekinesis in different situations to become more proficient with the ability.

Can I use telekinesis in combat in “Atomic Heart”?

Yes, telekinesis can be a valuable tool in combat. You can use it to grab objects and throw them at enemies, or you can use it to manipulate the environment to gain an advantage in battle.

Are there any upgrades or enhancements for telekinesis in “Atomic Heart”?

Yes, you may be able to unlock upgrades or enhancements for telekinesis as you progress through the game. These upgrades can improve the range, power, and versatility of your telekinesis abilities.

Are there any limitations to using telekinesis in “Atomic Heart”?

While telekinesis is a powerful ability, it does have its limitations. For example, you may not be able to move extremely heavy objects or objects that are too far away. Additionally, using telekinesis consumes energy, so you will need to manage your resources carefully.