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How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone


The iPhone has long been the standard for modern-day electronics, whether it be for the purpose of monitoring your health or for the purpose of instantly notifying your emergency contacts in the event of a crisis. Using the SOS app on your iPhone, you may quickly and simply get in touch with both emergency services and the people you’ve designated to assist you in an emergency. You may accomplish this on your iPhone in one of two ways: either press and hold the Sleep/wake button in conjunction with the Volume buttons, or hit the Sleep/wake button three times in quick succession. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to disable SOS on an iPhone. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

This will instruct you on how to disable the SOS function on your iPhone.

1. Start the application that manages the settings.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

2. After scrolling down, you’ll see a button labelled Emergency SOS.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

3. Tap the toggle that is located next to Call on Hold, and then tap again to deactivate the feature. The colour of the toggle will change to grey when the switch is in the off position.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

4. Tap the toggle for Call with 3 Presses, and then switch off the feature by using the same pattern as before.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

5. If you are using an iPhone 14 Pro or a later model, you will need to deactivate the toggle for the Call After Serious Crash feature. This is the last and most important step.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

6. Tap the button that says Turn Off so that your choice may be validated.

How to Turn Off SOS on an iPhone

7. After completing these steps, the SOS feature on your iPhone should be able to be disabled presently.


Why is my iPhone stuck in SOS mode?

In most cases, the incorrect actions we take on our iPhones are the reason of the emergency SOS mode becoming permanently activated. You can enter SOS mode, for instance, by pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously with the power button. It’s possible that refreshing or rooting your iPhone will cause it to get stuck in emergency SOS mode.

Can I remove emergency SOS from iPhone?

To turn off the Emergency SOS feature on your iPhone, go to Settings and then select Emergency SOS from the menu. You are able to deactivate the Call with Side Button option as well as the Auto Call option from this section.

How do I remove SOS from my phone?

Today I received the update to Android P. It appears that there is a choice to cancel the emergency call. Simply go into your device’s settings, then select Security & Lock Screen > Emergency Rescue > Emergency Call Trigger, and turn off the feature there.

When I activate SOS, will my iPhone contact my emergency contacts?

No, an emergency call is only placed to the services that are available in your area. Your emergency contacts, on the other hand, will receive a text message with your current location, which will be sent to them and shared with them. Any updates to your location will also be sent to the people you’ve designated as your emergency contacts, and your iPhone will notify you every four hours for the following day that your location is being shared with others.

Why is my iPhone showing SOS?

If you see the message “SOS Only,” it signifies that you are outside of the regular working range for your cell phone service. In order to resolve the issue, you will need to go back into the coverage area of your carrier. If the SOS alert continues to appear, try switching between aeroplane mode and normal mode or restarting your iPhone.