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How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App


A feature known as “Quiet mode” is available on Instagram, and it enables users to turn off their alerts and ignore the platform during specific times of the day. When you turn on Instagram’s Quiet mode, the app will prevent any alerts from reaching you. In addition to this, an automated direct message reply will be sent, and your status will be updated to let people know that you have the Quiet mode active. The instructions for activating the Instagram app’s Quiet mode are included in this piece for your convenience. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

We are relieved to report that Instagram has made it rather straightforward to activate the Quiet mode within their  application. A simple switch that can be located in the configuration options allows the feature to be activated or deactivated as desired at any time.

1. To access your menu, navigate to your profile and click the icon that resembles three lines.

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

2. Make your selections in this section.

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

3. Choose the Notifications tab from the menu.

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

4. Make sure to pick the option that has a calm atmosphere.

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

5. To activate the quiet mode, simply toggle the switch located there, and make any required alterations to the time window.

How to Turn On Quiet Mode on the Instagram Mobile App

This is one of the ways in which the manual configuration of the Quiet mode can be finished. Once it is active, it will transition to the Quiet mode automatically at the intervals that you have chosen.


Is there do not disturb on Instagram?

Tap the grey “Treat as priority” switch as well if you want to continue receiving alerts from Instagram even when the “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled on your device. To stop receiving alerts, you must first tap the blue “Allow peeking” switch, and then tap the grey “Block all” switch located in this area.

What does quiet mode on Instagram mean?

A new option for Instagram users called “silent mode” was introduced on Thursday with the intention of assisting users in concentrating and establishing limits with friends and followers. When this option is selected, the profile’s activity status will be updated to reflect that the user is “In quiet mode,” and all alerts will be put on hold.

Can I see who silenced me on Instagram?

On Instagram, much like on other social media networks, there is no foolproof way to determine if you have been muted or not. You will not receive any kind of notification if you are muted, and there is no location where you can view a list of the people who have muted you.

What is enable Do Not Disturb?

The “Do Not Disturb” feature on your phone allows you to mute it. This mode has the ability to muffle sounds, put an end to vibrations, and cover up disturbing images. You have the ability to choose what is blocked and what is allowed.

What are quiet notifications?

You are able to select the type of notifications that an app sends to you on certain Android devices. These include: Alerting will cause a sound to play, a notification to appear on your lock screen, and the icon for the app will appear in the status bar. Your phone will not make any noise or vibrate when it is in silent mode.

Where is the sound on Instagram?

If you tap the audio name or the hashtag that is located at the bottom of the reel, you will be taken to a page that contains further reels that use the same audio or hashtag. Use the search bar located at the top of the page to look for particular hashtags. To record a reel with the same audio as another reel, select Use Audio from the reels audio page.