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How to Unblock Someone on Call Of Duty Warzone


If you play any kind of competitive first-person shooter game online, you already know how essential our friends and parties are to us. When you want to play the multiplayer Warzone game in duo or squad mode with other people, you can add them by entering their usernames and inviting them to join your party.

You can talk to your pals while you are playing a game mode or when you are on the main menu of the game, which is another feature that adds to its appeal. However, there is a possibility that some of the players on your friend list are hostile against you. It’s possible that you added a player that you’re not familiar with, and now that player might be acting maliciously. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to unblock a player on Call of Duty: Warzone.

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How to Unblock Someone on Call Of Duty Warzone

Imagine that you were trying to block a player, but instead you accidentally blocked another player while you were trying to block the first player. The situation would be quite frustrating for you. It is imperative that you do everything in your power to avoid obstructing the player in any way, shape, or form.

Please be sure to follow these guidelines carefully in order to remove someone from your block list in Warzone:

1. After that, proceed to the portion of the menu that is referred to as the “Social” section.

How to Unblock Someone on Call Of Duty Warzone

2. You need to keep going until you get to the next tab, which is labelled “Friend Request.” Click on that tab.

3. You can access the list of blocked players by clicking the link that reads “Blocked Players” at the very top of the screen. You will need to click on this tab in order to unblock other players. Be careful to pick it, and after you’ve done that, click on it to finalize the action.

How to Unblock Someone on Call Of Duty Warzone

4. Now, select the player whose access you wish to restore by clicking on them. This will cause a drop-down option to appear once you select the player. After that, in the menu that appears after you click on the player, choose the option that says “Unblock.”

How to Unblock Someone on Call Of Duty Warzone

Using this method, you are now able to unlock the account of any player in Warzone whose access you have previously restricted. In the past, you had refused to grant them access to their account.


What Happens After Blocking a Player?

After you have blocked a player, that person will no longer be able to communicate with you via message. They are unable to join you despite the fact that you have organised a publicly accessible tournament and have a vacant seat at the party. They will also be unable to view you in online forums and chat rooms.

How to Know if I Am Blocked?

If you are attempting to communicate another player but are unable to do so, it is possible that you have been blocked. In addition, if you are unable to see them online and you are unable to join their party, it is possible that you have been blocked.