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How to Get More Revives in Pokémon Go


In order to properly care for your Pokemon in Pokemon Go, revives are absolutely necessary. Players will learn how to increase their number of revives by following the instructions in this guide. Since the beginning of the Pokemon series, Revives have played a significant part in the overall narrative. Although trainers might rush all the way back to the Pokemon Center that is closest to them, it is more likely that they will wish to prevent losing all of the progress that they made in a particular cave or route. The use of revives makes it much simpler to bring back Pokemon that have been fainted and allows players to continue on to the next town without stopping. It is also beneficial to use during combat if a certain Pokemon is required to defeat an opponent.

In Pokemon Go, the game’s rules can be applied in a variety of different ways. Players do not have access to a PokeMart where they can spend their money on additional Revives (although players can spend real money on them in the shop). In Pokemon Go, there are a few free ways that players can earn more Revives to use in their battles.

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How to Get More Revives in Pokémon Go

How to Get More Revives in Pokémon Go

Players of Pokemon Go can engage in combat with members of other Gyms, Team Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and in raid battles against other players. For each of these, the player must ensure that their entire team of Pokemon is in good health. Players are fortunate in that there are a variety of methods available to them for farming revives. The following are the most effective strategies for locating Revives in Pokemon Go:

In Pokemon Go, there are a number different ways that players can obtain more Revives.

How to Get More Revives in Pokémon Go

  • Completing Research Tasks: This offers a modest benefit, with the possibility of there being more Revives as a result.
  • Opening Gifts: Keep up the tradition of exchanging gifts with your pals. They have a possibility of holding onto Revives.
  • Leveling Up: Although progressing through levels can be difficult at times, doing so can get the player additional Revives.
  • Raid Battles: Following the successful completion of a Raid Boss, the player will receive a number of Revives as a reward. Despite this, it is highly likely that players will lose more Pokemon than the number of Revives they obtain.
  • Spinning Stops: Players have a chance of receiving a Revive from spinning PokeStops and Gyms.

When a player is seeking to farm for revives, it is in their best interest to steer clear of engaging in Raid Battles despite the fact that they can be entertaining and bring them a variety of benefits. It has been my experience that receiving presents from one’s friends is the most effective method for acquiring Revives. Be sure to compile a list of all of the gamers who are currently active and who frequently send gifts. In addition to this, players will rack up large amounts of experience points if they level up their friendship with another person. There is no other method to bring back your Pokemon that have fainted other than to use revives. Be careful to hunt for these on a regular basis.


Do Pokémon heal themselves in Pokémon Go?

Do my Pokémon have the ability to heal themselves, or do I need to use potions and revives to get them back to full health? Your Pokémon will not recover itself; in order to get them back to full health, you will need to use a mix of revives (in the event that they have fainted) and potions.

What happens if you dont revive Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

If you do not revive your Pokemon, they will be of no service to you in any subsequent gym battles, PVP matches, raids, or Rocket battles. However, they can be moved without the need to revive them first. One of the techniques that has lately come to light is to put Pokemon that will be discarded into certain gyms and then just transfer them after they have been defeated.

How much does a revive cost?

You have the ability to design a box with Revive Superfoods that contains the goods of your choice by picking 9–24 cups on a weekly or monthly basis. The prices of the items range from $5.99 to $6.99 per, depending on what you choose to purchase. In addition, free delivery is offered to customers across the majority of the United States and Canada.