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How to Use Sabotage In Among Us


The Sabotage ability has a good chance of throwing players who are new to Among Us for a loop when they encounter it. This one-of-a-kind button is only available to Impostors, but neither its function nor the optimal way for players to make use of it are entirely evident. Let’s investigate the various opportunities presented by the Sabotage ability in Among Us, as well as the best ways to put it to use and the appropriate times to do so.

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What does Sabotage do?

Impostors are the only ones who have the potential to sabotage. By utilizing this skill, the Impostor is able to sabotage several systems located throughout the ship or on the map. An impostor can make it substantially simpler for themselves to kill crewmembers who are unaware of their presence by deviously employing the tactic of sabotage.

All sabotage Abilities

As of writing, an Impostor has a few different Sabotage abilities available to them. Each of these has a specific role, but all of them are designed to cause the crewmates stress.

  • Communications – When the Communications are sabotaged, players will not be able to see their tasks. This can only be fixed at a Communications room.
  • Doors – The Impostor can sabotage any door on the map, causing them to close. This is a great way of locking victims in a room or stopping players from reaching a certain area. Closing doors in Among us is a great sabotage to use whenever possible.
  • Lights – By sabotaging the lights, the crewmates’ vision will shrink to a small area around them. Unless they’re standing right beside someone, they will not be able to see them. The Impostor’s vision is unaffected by this one.
  • O2 – Sabotaging the O2 will cause the ship to expel its oxygen. At this point, two places on the map will be highlighted and the crewmates will need to fix it within a countdown or they will all die.
  • Reactor – Represented by a radioactive symbol, the Reactor Sabotage will cause the reactors to meltdown. Much like the O2, players will need to go to two points to fix the meltdown before a countdown ends or they will all die.

It’s worth noting that an Impostor can fix any sabotage. Sometimes it can be worth fixing a sabotage if it means keeping up the disguise.

How to Use Sabotages – Among Us

Simply tapping the button labelled “Sabotage” that is located in the lower-right corner of the screen is all that is required to use a Sabotage. When you do this, a map of the surrounding area will appear. If you click on the radioactive sign, the reactor will go critical; if you click on the electrical symbol, the lights will go out; if you click on the Wi-Fi symbol, communications will be terminated; and if you press on the door symbols of each room, the door to that room will shut.

The fact that the Door Sabotage can be utilized multiple times is one of the many benefits that come with using it. Tap each individual door on the map to close and lock it, and an Impostor will have successfully completed their mission. However, if a major sabotage is utilized (O2, Reactor, Communications, or Lights), the cooldown for all other sabotages, including the doors, will begin immediately.

Take note that the Sabotage button is replaced with the ability to vent when you are close to vents, and certain use abilities are replaced with other use abilities when you are close to other interactive areas. If you feel like you need a reminder on how to use vents, see our guide to doing so.

It is important to keep in mind that while you are carrying out a sabotage operation, you should not remain still. This is a glaring red flag that indicates you are currently wreaking havoc on another menu.

Players that are interested in honing their sabotage skills in Among Us have the option to do so in the free play version of the game. Just get closer to the laptop and press the button labelled “customise” or “it.” Choose the red folder that’s labelled Be Imposter.exe from the options on the screen.

You will rapidly become a formidable impostor if you have a strong grip of the Sabotage talents and can clear ships in a matter of minutes once you do.