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How to Visit to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy


The wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy is full of many fascinating and sinister locations, but the prison of Azkaban is without a doubt the most infamous of all of them. Azkaban is a prison that serves as a place of confinement for the worst and most dangerous wizards in the wizarding world. It is situated on an island by itself. Do not be alarmed; although if gaining entry to this fabled site within the world of Hogwarts Legacy may prove to be a difficult task, we have the key to unlock its mysteries, so there is no need for you to worry. This page will provide you with information on how to access the Azkaban section of Hogwarts Legacy. So let’s get started:

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How to Visit to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy

In contrast to other sites, there is no straightforward path to the Azkaban prison in Hogwarts Legacy. You can’t just fly there on a broom or by casting a spell like everyone else does. Instead, you will have to accomplish the Prisoner of Love quest, which requires a player to have a minimum level of 5 in order to do so. In order to do so, you will need to have this level of experience. The primary purpose of this assignment is to have a discussion with the enigmatic portrait of Eldritch Diggory before setting out on an adventurous quest to discover Helen Thistlewood. This will allow the mission to be completed successfully. Eldritch Diggory was a powerful magical being.

How to Visit to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy

As soon as the quest is activated, you should begin by having a chat with the portrait that is hung in the Hufflepuff common room. This dialogue should take place with the Hufflepuff house mascot. Following the short scene that you just observed, you will need to locate Helen Thistlewood in upper Hogsmeade and engage in discussion with her.

At this point, he would like for you to assist him in solving a case that resulted in a young woman by the name of Anne being unfairly convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in jail. You will need to go to Azkaban in order to find the truth because she is being held captive within the facility where it is located. After what seems like an eternity, Helen will finally use her power to free you from Anne’s custody and take you to the location of your choosing.

How to Visit to Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy

It is imperative that you take notice of the fact that this is your one and only opportunity to go to Azkaban while you are playing Hogwarts Legacy, since there is no other way to get to this location for the rest of the game. There is no other way to get to this location. Because of this, you should make it a priority to explore every inch of Azkaban and recall your childhood at the same time.


Can you go evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, it is possible to gain access to Avada Kedavra, also known as the Killing Curse and the most powerful of the Unforgivable Curses, by completing the quest line presented by Sebastian Sallows. As was alluded to before, in order to gain access to Avada Kadavra, it will be necessary for you to perform a few optional tasks for a student at Slytherin named Sebastian Sallow.

Can you get out of Azkaban Hogwarts Legacy?

The most infamous and dangerous prison for witches and wizards is Azkaban. Unless one happens to be Sirius Black, there is no way out of this situation. But this takes place more than a hundred years after the events of Hogwarts Legacy. Players are able to access this website while playing the game; however, it is not open to the general public.

How many hours is Hogwarts Legacy?

around 30–35 hours
If you are primarily interested in the tale, it is estimated that it will take you between 30 and 35 hours to complete Hogwarts Legacy. You might be playing it for a significantly longer period of time than that because it is an open-world game that encourages exploring and features a variety of optional quests.

Can you use Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy does, in fact, allow you to cast the Avada Kedavra Unforgivable Curse, and it is every bit as lethal as you might think it to be. The one and only catch is that in order to unlock it, you won’t be able to do so until very close to the finish of the game.

Will we meet Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy?

To answer your question directly, no, Albus Dumbledore will not be included in the newest Potter video game. That may be difficult to believe, but there would be no sign of Albus. The creators of Hogwarts Legacy have stated that the year 1890 serves as the backdrop for the events in the game. Albus has not yet attended Hogwarts by the time the events of Hogwarts Legacy take place.

Are there Dementors in Hogwarts Legacy?

Even though there are twenty-six other spells in the game that you can use during battle, having access to the Patronus would have been a significant advantage. Nevertheless, there is a side mission called “Prisoner of Love” that allows you to view dementors, and it takes place in Azkaban, which reveals the prison in all of its sinister glory.