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Is a 1440P Monitor Worth it for Gaming?


Usually gamers are quite keen towards the accurate and crystal clear display of a gaming monitor. However graphics designers and game developers don’t lag behind either. In this article we shall take a look at the commonly speculated question; is a 1440p monitor worth it for gaming? If you are about to buy the best gaming monitor just give this write-up a thorough read and get yourself an updated PC gear!

What is actually 1440p resolution?

Every tech evolvement brings something surprising and never seen before. For resolution in gaming monitors and display screens, 2560 x 1440 or QHD/WQHD (Quad HD) / 1440p is an ultra-high resolution that falls somewhere between 4K and HD range.

It goes without saying that the crystal-clear visuals, bright and clear image for motioning the sleek smoothness in every motion frame is unbeatable especially when you are thinking about 1080p! This is a highly -received resolution for various screens such as laptop and smartphones, but for gaming monitors, 1440p has its most sought-after performance.

Is a 1440p monitor good for gaming?

Everybody would tell you to keep your preference in mind before opting for a display print, and that is true as well. Aside from the standard 1080p, 1440p is much more advanced and comes with its all glorious approach for games as well.

Talking about its worthiness and valuable performance, 1440p has been engineered to display the smoothest, real and vivid visuals that are known to be gaming dedicated. But wait, before upgrading to 1440p it is also important to note a few parameters that contribute to it. Not every gamer needs to upgrade to 1440p for sure.  

Price for 1440p and refresh rate

1440p is an expensive option and that is quite apparent due to its 78% more pixels. However, if you have a gaming monitor with 1440p and 60Hz it is not going to break your bank. When it comes to the 1440p gaming monitor worth, its price tag is certainly the first that matters. Since it is a high-end resolution and that comes with the approach likewise.

If you want to play the recent and updated competitive games on a 1440P gaming monitor, that price obviously won’t matter and it’s worth it.  But for those who just want that gaming edge and can run the same gaming on 1080p with smooth performances 1440p is not the only option left.

In a nutshell, 1440p and 60Hz is affordable as compared to when it is related to 144Hz refresh rate.

1440p for demanding games

In competitive games the variety is endless. For playing the latest games such as Witcher 3, Far Cry 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, only 1440p isn’t enough. Therefore, you need to consider the premium graphics card as well. And for the games that fall into the category of non-demanding such as Rocket League, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fortnite do not spend on graphics solely!

1440p gaming monitor with 144Hz

For perfection in gaming sessions, the resolution of the monitor is not the only major thing. The GTG response and the visual approach is also as important as the displaying graphics. Certainly lagging motions and visuals artifact ruin gaming fad. For those monitors that use FreeSync you will be requiring an AMD graphics card whereas for G-Sync choose the Nvidia GPU.

Overall, 1440p is a standard and attainable screen resolution for gaming.  And for even more spotless visual quality you also have the privilege to upgrade the GPU and hardware accordingly. When each of the visual parameters gets attention, the results become undeniably awesome.