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JetX Game Tricks: How to Play and Win


The thrilling and captivating game JetX from SmartSoft Gaming is in the same group of Cash Out games as Aviator. Despite having a slightly different appearance and feel from Aviator, the game is relatively simple and has precise controls. 

You launch in a jet in JetX and ascend as the bet multiplier increases. Higher potential payouts occur long before exploding, but failing to cash out before a “BOOM” means a lost wager. JetX is a game of chance, but you may increase your chances of winning and obtaining better returns by employing methods and sticking to them.

Here are five practical Jet X game tricks, tips, and strategies to help you win:

Every time, try to double your investment

Another JetX game strategy is to bet the same amount on the 2x multiplier for every round. This way, you must win more times than you lose to make a profit. You might miss out on big wins using this JetX strategy, but you’ll win roughly half the times you play.

Use the Auto Cash Out feature

You can specify a desired bet multiplier with JetX’s Auto Cash Out option. In this manner, you can Cash Out when appropriate without relying on your reactions. Your wager will automatically Cash Out if the multiplier you set since you have already reached your goal.

Place two bets at once

Placing two bets simultaneously is an excellent way to hedge your bets and try two staking strategies on the same round. In the first bet box, set the multiplier under “Collect” to a low number, like 1.50x. Set the multiplier in the second bet box to a more significant number, like 5x. The idea here is to play it relatively safe with one bet and take a more significant risk with the other. If both bets win, you’ll be pleased, but if only the small multiplier wins, then at least the loss from your second bet will be partly mitigated by your win on the first bet. Remember, this game has no guarantees, and you could easily lose both bets no matter what kind of payout you’re waiting for!

Use the Martingale method

You can only employ the Martingale approach if your account balance is sufficiently large. Every time you lose, you double your initial investment. This is how it works. Every time you double up and win, the concept is that you’ll recover the money you lost on the earlier wager. But if you experience poor results, you risk losing much more money than you bargained for.

High stakes on minor multipliers and low stakes on significant multipliers

Using this JetX approach, you can bet once per round while spreading your risk more equally and lowering the game’s volatility. You will stay in the game longer and have a better chance of winning if you bet heavily on tiny multipliers and lightly on large multipliers.

Bottom Line

Now that you have five JetX tricks to become the best, play, and win!