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Kreekcraft Roblox


Kreekcraft Roblox

We will share everything about kreekcraft roblox, including its profile id, group, membership, username and password etc.

Kreekcraft Roblox Profile id

Here is the roblox profile id of Kreekcraft he is currently having 1M+ followers and 200 friends.

Over 3 million people follow StarCode RealKreek (formerly RealKreek, known on YouTube as KreekCraft) on Roblox. Piggy is the star of most of his videos, which include livestreams and gameplay clips. Before he entered Piggy, Jailbreak was his primary focus.

Has KreekCraft Account banned on Roblox?

In his recent video that he uploaded on youtube he said that his roblox account got banned. you can watch his full video here given below. While he also said “Even with Roblox potentially unbanning affected players, there’s no guarantee you’ll be unbanned”.

Kreekcraft Roblox Twitter Account

Kreekcraft Roblox Youtube Account

Here is kreekcraft youtube account A video titled “did kreekcraft quit roblox jailbreak!? (The Truth)” was uploaded by Kreek on July 12th, 2020. Because he found Jailbreak to be monotonous, he said he was sick of making videos about it all the time. Jailbreak was no longer the focus of his videos because of this. He stated that instead, he would prefer to focus on Piggy and its various topics like gameplay and theories.

He’d come back to play Jailbreak every now and then, especially after a major game update.

Horse Squad

Those who subscribe to his newsletter are known as the “Horse Squad” by him. A favourite animal of his, the horse, is the reason why.

He was a prominent YouTuber who broadcasted his attempts to win the Ready Player One event’s unique prizes live on the internet. Even though he didn’t win any of the four prizes, his popularity and subscriber count skyrocketed as a result of these livestreaming sessions.

He made it all the way to the championship match of Season 2 of the RB Battles. Sk3tchYT was defeated by him when he faced him in Ronald. In Piggy, he faced off against DenisDaily in the semi-finals, a match he also won. He faced off against DylanTheHyper, DenisDaily (the Battle Back winner), TanqR, and Codeeunicorn in the RB Battles finals. TanqR came out on top in the race.

Kreekcraft Roblox Instagram Account

Here is the link to follow him on instagram and you can be a part of his group.