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Last Epoch – How to Dual Wield


In the ever-evolving world of Last Epoch, where ancient powers clash and heroes rise to meet the challenge, mastering the art of dual wielding offers a thrilling and dynamic combat experience. Whether wielding two swords, axes, or pistols, dual wielding empowers adventurers to unleash devastating strikes and overwhelm their foes with unparalleled speed and finesse. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics, strategies, and techniques for mastering dual wielding in Last Epoch.

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Understanding Dual Wielding in Last Epoch

Dual wielding in Last Epoch allows players to wield a weapon in each hand simultaneously, enabling rapid attacks and versatile combat options. While dual wielding offers increased offensive capabilities, it also requires careful balance and coordination to maximize effectiveness.

How to Dual Wield

Typically, your off-hand slot is limited to the usage of magical objects or shields. But like in any other ARPG, you’ll be able to dual-wield one-handed weapons after you reach a certain level.

The abilities you must acquire are:

  • Twin Blade (Rogue) — Equip Swords and Daggersin your off-hand
  • Harmony of Blades (Primalist) — Equip Swords and Axesin your off-hand
  • Gladiator (Sentinel) — Equip Swordsin your off-hand
  • Gemini (Mage – Spellblade) — Equip Swordsin your off-hand

Last Epoch - How to Dual Wield

Only the classes mentioned above are able to dual-wield, and you can only equip the weapons in the ways indicated by their skill descriptions. Sentinels, for instance, will not be able to dual wield axes because the Gladiator talent only permits the use of swords. Furthermore, you lose resilience for all dual wield passives because they slightly increase your damage taken.

Choosing the Right Weapons:

The choice of weapons plays a critical role in dual wielding. Consider factors such as weapon type, damage output, attack speed, and special properties when selecting weapons for dual wielding. Experiment with different weapon combinations to find the synergy that best suits your playstyle and build.

Understanding Attack Speed and Animation Cancelling:

Attack speed is a crucial factor in dual wielding, as it determines the frequency of attacks and overall damage output. Practice animation cancelling techniques to optimize attack speed and fluidity of movement, allowing for faster and more efficient combat sequences.

Dual Wielding in Different Playstyles and Builds:

Dual wielding can be incorporated into various playstyles and builds, from agile melee assassins to ranged gunners and spellcasters. Adapt your dual wielding build to suit your preferred playstyle, whether focusing on high-speed melee strikes, ranged precision attacks, or hybrid combinations of both.

Dual Wielding in Multiplayer and Group Dynamics:

Dual wielding offers unique advantages and challenges in multiplayer and group settings. Coordinate with your teammates to maximize synergy and cover each other’s weaknesses. Communicate effectively and adapt your strategies to complement the strengths and playstyles of your group members.


Can any class or character in Last Epoch dual wield, or are there specific requirements?

While most classes in Last Epoch have the option to dual wield, certain class specializations and skill trees may enhance the effectiveness of dual wielding for specific builds. Players should explore the available options within their chosen class to determine the viability of dual wielding for their desired playstyle.

What types of weapons can be dual wielded in Last Epoch?

Last Epoch allows players to dual wield a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, maces, daggers, pistols, and more. Each weapon type offers unique characteristics and properties that can complement different dual wielding builds and playstyles.

Does dual wielding offer any advantages over other combat styles, such as two-handed weapons or shields?

Dual wielding offers several advantages over other combat styles, including increased attack speed, versatility, and the potential for higher damage output. However, dual wielding may sacrifice some defensive capabilities compared to using shields or two-handed weapons, requiring players to balance offense with defense in their builds.

Are there any specific passive skills or abilities that enhance dual wielding in Last Epoch?

Yes, Last Epoch features a variety of passive skills, talents, and specialization options that enhance the effectiveness of dual wielding. These may include bonuses to attack speed, increased weapon damage, improved critical strike chance, and unique effects that trigger when dual wielding.

How can I optimize my dual wielding build for maximum damage and effectiveness?

Optimizing a dual wielding build involves careful selection of weapons, skills, passives, and specializations that synergize well with the dual wielding playstyle. Experiment with different combinations, focus on increasing attack speed and critical strike chance, and prioritize skills that complement rapid and successive attacks.


Mastering dual wielding in Last Epoch is a journey of skill, strategy, and experimentation. By understanding the mechanics of dual wielding, choosing the right weapons and skills, and practicing precision and timing in combat, adventurers can unleash the full potential of dual wielding and emerge as formidable warriors in the ever-unfolding saga of Last Epoch.