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Like a Dragon Gaiden – How to Get Formal Attire


You can dress however you like in Like a Dragon Gaiden, even if that means donning the Formal Attire required to finish a support job. Players can get Formal Attire in Chapter 4 in the Ebisu Pawn Shop. It may be expensive, but you won’t have to worry about it. Characters begging Joryu to wear specific garments are a common request that appears in the later chapters of Gaiden. While the majority of Joryu’s equipable clothing can be purchased at the Boutique, there are certain items that you will need to look for yourself. This article will teach you how to dress in a formal manner like a dragon:

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Starting “The Outfit of My Memories” Request

The “The Outfit from My Memories” request is when formal attire will be used in the game the most frequently. Working for the Akame Network will expose you to a wide range of personalities. A woman in the Castle is one of those.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Get Formal Attire

After opening the Boutique clothes store in The Castle, Joryu sees an elegantly dressed elderly woman waiting outside the Gambling Hall. Joryu finds out after talking to her that she is a widow who has been thinking back on her late husband. She asks Joryu to put on formal attire, a single rose, and leather shoes because she longs to see a guy dressed like he used to be.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Get Formal Attire

Complete “The Outfit of My Memories” Request

Joryu must collect the three outfit components listed in order to comply with this requirement. Once he has them, he needs to outfit these things at the Boutique and go back to the woman outside the casino. The third item is narrative-locked and can only be obtained at a particular plot point, but the other two are easily obtained. This is the location of the three costume components needed to finish “The Outfit of My Memories.”

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Get Formal Attire

Getting the Formal Attire

The major plot of Like a Dragon Gaiden is revealed in Chapter 4, where the Formal Attire is made available. Joryu gets it at Ebisu Pawn in a prearranged setup. This outfit item is a given and cannot be overlooked at this stage. After obtaining this piece of apparel, Joryu ought to go to the Boutique to get the other two pieces.

Like a Dragon Gaiden - How to Get Formal Attire


How do you change outfits in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

The boutique offers two choices. The store and the electrician (the man). Visit the fitter to discover what you should wear at the coliseum and for the main story. There, you can personalize your attire.

What is the boutique Like a Dragon Gaiden?

Joryu can put together and store two different kinds of outfits with the Boutique. The first set, Casual Wear, is what Joryu wears throughout Like a Dragon Gaiden’s places, such as Sotenbori, The Castle, and a few others that are briefly mentioned in the narrative, when playing in a general gameplay mode.

Is Like a Dragon Gaiden a spin-off?

This series is a spin-off of Like a Dragon. Like a Dragon Gaiden centers on Kazuma Kiryu, the original protagonist of the series, as he sets off on a new adventure in Osaka while posing as a secret agent. The story takes place during the events of Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2020).

Is Ichiban in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

Ichiban Kasuga, the series’ seventh entry, finally brought a new protagonist to the fold. Although the majority of Like a Dragon Gaiden takes place prior to the events of Yakuza 7 (Yakuza: Like a Dragon), Kiryu’s story will continue following those events as well.

How old is Kiryu in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

The Yakuza games moved the timeline to roughly match with the years of their release, and Kiryu was born in 1968. This puts Kiryu’s age in Like A Dragon Gaiden at roughly fifty, and Infinite Wealth at roughly fifty-five.