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MIUI 12 Update for Redme Phones


Xiaomi has announced it’s latest MIUI 12 update for redme phone for Indian, Pakistani and global users. Few users reported that they have downloaded this new updates on there Redme Note 9, Redme Note 9 Pro, Redme Note 8, Redme Note 8Pro, Redmi Note 7 and Redme Note 7 Pro devices.

We have also tested this on our Redme Note 8 Pro which gets the MIUI Global version 12.0.2 Stable. This comes with Android 10 and the security Patch of June 2020. Means all the users are more safe and secure.

MIUI 12 Update for Redme Phones

What’s new in this MIUI 12 update for Redme Phones according to Xiaomi?

  1. Animation for switch screen.
  2. Visuals for all type of content and language.
  3. Privacy Protection.
  4. Control center.
  5. Home screen and app drawer.
  6. New Settings.
  7. New Notes.

Now after using it for some time we felt that it has many new small updates that are not mentioned above but can be felt by a MIUI user.


New Camera App

New and upgraded camera app was the best thing for heavy camera users. It not only have new UI but also have new Filter mode. One can now select between video and camera burst mode for long press on shutter button.


New Color Setting

At fist we ignored it but after some time we felt that the screen colors are more warmer and darker then before. Obviously most of the time a user like the setting it was using but this new setting is still a good change according to us.


New Language and Clear Screen

Clear screen and new language is one of the most liked feature for most of us. It make the content clear for the user and make it easier to read the contend.


New Notification Bar and Icon

We suspect the new icon and notification bar style. Battery icon is a welcoming change. The new control center is more prominent feature of MIUI 12. Which you can get by puling notification bar from the right side of the screen. It is packed with full screen icon and new brightness controller. For regular updates and notifications the user can pull down the notification icon from the left side or from the middle of the screen. Furthermore, the new notification hide the notch well too. Devices with notch had the problem of notch still showing it self even after the you select the feature of hide the notch but with this update it brings down the shade and almost hide the notch.


Floating Windows

Floating windows is not a new feature for MIUI 12 for Redme phone but now it is more easy to use and it also received new update with which it became easy to use.


Privacy Protection

Privacy protection is a new menu under setting with which it became easy to set permissions to apps.


Ultra battery saver

MIUI 12 comes with an ultra battery saver mode. Which can now restrict the usage of the app and power. When we tried to use this feature it told us the the battery power for 300 hours which we think is an exaggerated figure but still it felt like the mode can make the battery last for more then 24 hours.


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