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Warframe: Nekros Prime Build 2021 Guide


Nekros Prime Build

Nekros Prime Build was delivered in 2013 and is one of the most powerful Warframes to date. He has abilities that make him hard not only for enemies, but also your farming sessions because he’s so strong.

Nekros Prime Build is the newest addition to Warframe, and with his ability to help you harvest resources from enemies by 50% he will be a most-wanted frame for all players.

Nekros is a warrior who can control the souls of others. He uses his abilities to manipulate life and death in order to wreak havoc on enemies or heal friends with ease.

Though he can’t be the three-dimensional warframe to rise up out of the vault in Warframe, Nekros endo farm build is likely one of two. Showing up close by him are other powers that have risen with unceasing equilibrium and seem powerful enough for any player’s needs.

How to Get Nekros?

Nekros Prime Build

Nekros is a new Warframe in the game that has just been released and might be gotten from effectively slaughtering Lephantis. Nekros can first be bought with 100,000 Credits or 375 Platinum on the Ingame Market for their Prime Build variation which comes equipped with higher energy reserves as well as shields.

Relics that contain Nekros Prime:

  • Outline: Vaulted: Lith N3, Meso N3, Axi N3 Available: None
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Meso F1, Axi N5 Available: None
  • Suspension: Vaulted: Lith N1, Lith V4, Meso K1, Meso S3, Neo Z1, Axi G1, Axi N4 Available: None
  • Frameworks: Vaulted: Lith N2, Meso N5, Neo N3, Neo N7 Available: None

The Best Nekros Prime Build

Finding the ideal atmosphere extremity isn’t unreasonably simple and exceptionally relies upon how you intend to manage your Nekros.

In the event that you essentially need it to cultivate assets or Endo in a premade gathering, picking a Naramon extremity for Corrosive Projection is the correct decision and will permit you to execute everything somewhat quicker.

However, in the event that you need to utilize your Nekros in various types of settings and constructs, going for Varzarin extremity and Rejuvenation is a helpful move. It will function admirably with your definitive capacity Shadows of the Dead and on the off chance that you are utilizing the Despoil assemble, having that extra recuperate is truly significant.

Main Nekros Prime Build: The Group Farmer

The fundamental reason behind why Nekros Prime Build is a particularly strong and frequently utilized Warframe can be summed up in three words: Desecrate, Decompose, Dismember. This ability allows you to get another chance at plundering after the foe has been killed with 54% of cases yielding yet more credits or mods for your inventory – from energy cells and health orbs all the way through Endo fragments that are often hard-earned on missions.

The form is really simple, and with all the tainted mods you can get a nice one. There are unlimited possibilities to make it your own style of build! Simply get as much proficiency points that you need and reach for higher rank too. Pick mod which will help you endure in battle such as Rubico Prime Builds or even Saryn’s Miasma Modification if necessary . You could also pick some strength boosters like Redirection (to deflect damage) or Corrosive Projection (+damage).

The Solo Farmer Nekros Prime Build

You can’t find a Trinity in the enrollment visit. Sometimes you just need to join an arbitrary gathering and still ranch some additional assets and credits. In any case, doing as such with the fundamental cultivating assembly is quite extreme

That is the reason this form develops around the enlarged mod Despoil. Instead of utilizing your energy pool as an asset, you’ll utilize your wellbeing pool. Presently for what reason would that be better? Great inquiry! As a matter of first importance you no doubt use Rejuvenation, which in examination is much superior to Energy Siphon.

Effective in the configuration of a Desecrate, it is possible that you will see significantly more health globes than any other type. These are much easier to come by then experience spheres or gratitude drops and can provide some relief while fighting your way through hordes of enemies.

Shield of Shadow: The Tank Nekros

Your fourth capacity Shadows of the Dead will restore up to seven foes from the dead battling. For you, this is an easy way to keep them in your service for a long time without any need for necromancy! In order to make sure they’ll endure while still alive and kicking, all you have to do is invest some more resources into boosting their longevity with Vitality or other bonuses like Nekros Prime Build which boosts both life force and vitality.

Likewise utilize your enlarged mod Shield of Shadows, which will divert some concern. You take to your shadows, making you more tanky.

The 6% doesn’t sound that much from the outset. Yet recall that EACH of your shadow s assimilate harm in this way (which is a considerable measure). The event if you have seven shadows walking around they do give you 42% damage decrease joined as well and are extremely helpful for those who need it.


Nekros Prime Build

The horrifying Nekros Prime Build has the power to harm spirits of living beings. Strike dread into your opponents with his powers, and abuse their dead bodies for personal gain or raise casualties to do an offering – whatever you please! His secondary ability is Soul Siphon which gives him 5 wellbeing points each time he kills someone in a 10-meter radius.

Soul Punch

Nekros assumes responsibility for an adversary and pushes him forward hitting. Any adversaries that it interacts with wrecking them all the while.

Merely this can prove to be useful in driving away explicit adversaries from a gathering or throwing them off their feet so they are toppled over into pits of thorns, rocks, and pricks.


Nekros Prime Build is the best way to make a foe move out of position and leave themselves vulnerable. They will be reduced in protection, making them more susceptible to harm.

Panic is an extremely valuable tool in a swarm control arsenal. It can be used to escape from difficult situations or give your group time to do other things while the enemy, who are usually running away after being panicked and scattered for short periods of time, regroups themselves again so they may resume their attack on you and your allies.


Utilizing his control over the dead, Nekros causes opponents to get worse. Their cut off body parts can drop extra plunder per piece.

Nekros Prime Build is different from others in that it has the ability to make all pieces of dead foes drop loot. The more parts there are, the higher your chance at finding special drops like plorts and power cells.

Shadows of the Dead

Nekros is the lord of death on a mission to bring back his opponents that have passed. He recently revived them, and they will live for awhile before their time runs out- making it dangerous when dealing with these enemies who can drop healing circles in battle.

Nekros Prime Build

Shadows of the Dead is incredible for drawing away foe fire. Nekros Prime Build and his crew can outlast their enemies by managing damage with this stock, which also becomes a decent health recharge item when equipped on Nekros or any allies he’s partnered up with.

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