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Mesa Prime Build – Best in Warframe


Mesa Prime Build

Mesa is a Warframe that stands out from the rest due to her flexibility as DPS and CC. She can quickly reduce tough enemies with Peacemaker, but Mesa has other skills too! Shooting gallery makes it easy for Mesa to crowd control foes while Shatter Shield helps block attacks.

Mesa Builds Guide |

Mesa Prime Builds can be made in two ways. One way is to neglect Forma and build your own Prime from scratch, which will make you more comfortable with the process before using forma for a more personalized result. The other option is to use Forma right off the bat so that you have complete control over how every piece of their armor looks like at once.

How to Get Mesa?

Mesa is the newest Warframe, and can only be acquired by completing a special mission on Eris. Or you could simply buy it for 325 platinum.

Mesa Prime

Plateau Prime is the most grounded variation of Mesa, which has its measure in well being and energy.

Relics that contain Mesa Prime:

  • Outline: Vaulted: None Available: Neo Z2, Neo Z3
  • Neuroptics: Vaulted: Lith M3 Available: Lith M4
  • Case: Vaulted: Axi H4 Available: Neo C1, Axi M1
  • Frameworks: Vaulted: None Available: Neo M2

Main Build: Peacemaker Mesa

In the event that you need to crush your foes promptly, Peacemaker is one of the best DPS abilities in Warframe. It permits for quick kills and can be utilized regardless of what level your foe may be at! You should get as much capacity strength as possible so that you don’t fatigue yourself too quickly while fighting off enemies. If you are not a fan of utilizing all three forms or want something different than Primed Continuity, Mesa Prime Build Rage will grant more damage without depleting energy pools–just make sure there’s another Trinity player on team.

It’s important to have a plan of attack when you’re in the heat of battle. To do this, it can be helpful to exit your definitive capacity and restart again- improving outline along with killing more foes quickly. You may even need to consider utilizing Mesa’s Waltz for some versatility.

Ability Range.


The sheer number of means and strategies for playing Warframe can be a little overwhelming. This is why Mesa’s build stands out to veteran players as she uses one mod, Arcane Velocity, that does the job well while also keeping her other mods free in case they’re needed! Plateau slaughters amazingly quick with this skill equipped making it easy to stack up on more damage-dealing strength without worrying about awkward placements or wasted capacity points. The goal here is simple: stacking enough stacks so Shatter Shield provides 95% protection from all sources of enemy fire power – an impressive feat considering how much firepower you’ll have at your disposal when using these skills efficiently.

Fleeting Expertise

Fleeting Expertise

Welcome to Mesa. It’s a difficult decision whether or not it will be worth investing in Fleeting Expertise for that extra boost, but I always recommend going with the long-term investment because you won’t have to use your abilities as often which is better on energy costs and more helpful when they last longer too! If your missions are short though, then try using Streamline instead of Fleeting expertise so you can spam Peacekeeper while flying through rooms – just make sure both skills are at level one if this mission isn’t tough enough already.

O Forma End-game Mesa Prime Build

The importance of a good Arcane Velocity is crucial for Mesa Prime Builds, and it’s important to keep Endurance up. But the most difficult thing about this build will be keeping your energy levels high when you start fighting level 100 Bombards. Empowering Dash helps with that though so make sure you’re using Zenurik Focus school powers as often as possible.

Mesa Prime Build has 34% of its territory left unoccupied, with a number of Mesa’s constructs selecting the Narrow Minded mod. We suggest this course for any substance that is below level 100 to ensure they can reach an enemy before being paralyzed by Shooting Gallery. Some other mods you might want are Augur Message, Power Drift or even just Waltz depending on what your preference may be.

3 Forma Regulators Prime Build

We’re showing the Forma’d Regulator Prime form before Mesa Prime since it’s undeniably more imperative to Forma the Regulators. The DPS increment from adding Barrel Diffusion and Anemic Agility is crazy – in Warframe manufacturer, burst DPS increments from 120k to 317k; our in-game tests saw kill times on Corrupted Bombards cut down by half of what they were previously with just these two mods added. The expansion of both Barrel Diffusion and Anemic Agility additionally expands the measure of Corrosive procs each subsequent which has a monstrous effect against undeniable level Grineer thanks to those extra additive damage benefits as well.

The flexibility of this form is what makes it so great. Jolt and Pistol Pestilence, two powers that have been staples in the veteran community for years are not included but there still options we can work with thanks to Anemic Agility which has Naramon polarity openings as well as a low mod limit on status mods.

4 Forma Mesa Prime Build

The lone advantage to Forma’ing our Mesa fabricate is that we would now be able to utilize Corrosive Projection, add an Exilus mod and utilize a position 10 Umbral Vitality. The most significant of these changes, by far the longest shot, is changing the Aura extremity opening for Corrosive Projection. As you may have seen on numerous occasions in past articles here at Warframe Hub (see link), Mesa just battles with slaughtering high level Grineer because they are so well reinforced – but thanks to her new set up she will be ready when it comes time.

There is a considerable amount of discussion on whether or not Mesa’s Waltz merits the Exilus slot. Some think that flying through rooms and shooting everything in sight is an easy way to clear missions, but others feel as though it takes away from your ability with Peacekeeper by forcing you into long-range combat instead. If you’re someone who prefers walking/rolling while utilizing Peacekeeper (as opposed to using Enemy Sense), then we would say that mesa should be left for another time when there isn’t such an abundance of enemies around anyway.

How to Best Build Mesa 

All in all, you need a well-thought out plan to fabricate Mesa. If that’s what you want then focus on the accompanying details and do them together.

  • Span
  • Productivity
  • Strength
  • Reach

Mesa’s Peacemaker (4), Shatter Shield (3) and Shooting Gallery are her meat-and-potatoes abilities. They’re key to keeping Mesa’s tankiness at the level it needs to be, but also provide good DPS on their own accord.

“The energy channel cap for Peacemaker is 3.75/s, but Efficiency will help us get there by helping Mesa use its resources more efficiently.”

This 3.75/s cap can be hit with different mixes of productivity and length mods. For instance:

  • 130% proficiency + Streamline mod + 280% span
  • 160% proficiency + Fleeting Expertise mod + 160% span + Narrow Minded mod + Any other length mod + Fleeting Expertise
  • 190% proficiency + Streamline mod + Fleeting mastery mod + Any span above 40%

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