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New Items Cannot Be Used in Fortnite


The Major 2 Grand Finals are right around the corner, and Fortnite has recently vaulted a popular mobility item. There is no doubt that this Fortnite season has been rather special so far. Gamers were introduced to the enormous POI that is Mega City, as well as the locations that surround it that are inspired by Japanese culture, by virtue of the game’s concept, which was futuristic and cyberpunk. This new setting was the main focus when it came to promoting Chapter 4 Season 2, but there were other selling elements that attracted players’ eyes and might’ve even gotten some new gamers to try out the game.

When the Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass was first revealed, fans quickly learned that they would be able to unlock Eren Jaeger in Fortnite later on in the season and that they would be able to try out Attack on Titan’s ODM Gear, a fast-paced mobility item that fits right in with the hectic vibe of the season. The operation of this item is very comparable to that of Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters, which have since been retired. The player gestures in the direction of a structure or an object in the surroundings and it launches a hook that allows them to latch onto it and move around by swinging from place to place. The ODM Gear item has now been vaulted from competitions and Arena mode. Epic Games has acknowledged that it chose to delete the item because a glitch was making it difficult to enter build mode after using it.

More Kinetic Blades will appear on the battlefield in order to compensate for the potential loss of mobility that this could bring about. An mistake that prohibits players from being able to develop would be far too significant to allow it to remain in the game while the FNCS Major 2 Grand Finals are taking place in a few days. The Fortnite Champion Series is the biggest competitive Fortnite event of the year. Professional players have been training as hard as they can to ensure that they make it to the Fortnite Global Championship in Copenhagen in late 2023. It would be unjust for them to enter a game and be unable to play it as they would ordinarily.