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5 Ways to Fix if One Airpod Louder Than The Other

Fawad Pirzada


One Airpod Louder

Apple’s One Airpod Louder helped dispatch 1,000 imitators — there are presently endless remote earbuds accessible for both iPhones and Android gadgets. It’s easy to perceive any reason why; there’s something inconceivably freeing about earbuds that have no wires and no catches or different controls. In any case, how would you accomplish something as basic as control the volume?

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Then, at that point probably you have the normal AirPod proprietor’s issue. Actually, this comparable issue has happened already for the Apple Earpods too and it took exactly not many investigating and evaluating various answers for see which arrangements worked and which didn’t. Furthermore, I was no chance going to dole out another $50-100 bucks on a couple.

We utilize our AirPods to pay attention to an assortment of things–music, web recordings, book recordings, motion pictures, and that’s just the beginning! So when our One Airpod Louder aren’t adequately boisterous to snuff out the foundation, it’s an issue!

You as of late notification your confronting an issue with your AirPods. It sound like your right/left AirPod is somewhat louder than the other?. In light of this irregularity, the sound seems, by all accounts, to be coming from the left side rather than the focal point of my head. In this article, we disclose how to fix in the event that one AirPod is louder than the other.

As of late I confronted an issue with my One Airpod Louder. While utilizing them, I saw that my right side AirPod is calmer than the left. In view of this irregularity, the Apple WWDC live Reveal Updates sound gives off an impression of being coming from the left side rather than the focal point of my head.

How to Fix if One AirPod Is Louder Than the Other: 5 Ways


One of the best ways for which to fix in the event that one of your AirPods is louder than the request is to attempt to “suck” the greatest speaker on the AirPod (that you hear as delicate). Continue sucking on it and testing the sound more than once until you hear your AirPod’s sound improve.

The explanation this technique has been so compelling is because of the reality the AirPods gather ear wax which makes any cordial sound be impeded. Much appreciated additionally go out to Marie-Claude Leblanc for bringing up this stunt in the Apple Support Communities string on this theme. Here’s an incredible video on the most proficient method to do this:

Simply ensure you keep a meager material between as you suck on it. You may likewise utilize the fabric to wipe the AirPod each time as you blow.

Another approach to tell that the sound will improve as you can feel the air go in through the One Airpod Louder. Attempt it and it ought to be sufficient to fix the issue.

2. Adjust the Audio Volume Balance.

In your settings of your iPhone, you have the choice to change the volume of the sound that is yield with either AirPod.

For some Apple clients and our own perusers also, changing this setting and guaranteeing that the sound is adjusted and not decreased to a base has ensured that the AirPods are similarly delivering a similar volume.

Here’s the way you access this setting on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 13:

One Airpod Louder

  1. Hop into your Settings application and afterward tap Accessibility.
  2. Then, under Hearing tap on Audio/Visual you need to check and change the sound volume balance slider between the left and right channels of your AirPods. Keep it adjusted in the center to have an equivalent volume of sound.

3. Clean It.

When was the last time you’d cleaned your AirPods or have them cleaned?

One of the greatest disadvantages of One Airpod Louder is that they are not residue and water-safe. Consequently, with time, earth and wax can aggregate on your AirPods particularly since you keep it in the charging situation where residue can amass more.

One powerful approach to clean your AirPods is to utilize a delicate toothbrush and tenderly brush the speaker barbecues. Get a spotless material and wipe it each time you brush it.

You may likewise pick to utilize Apple AirPods 2 & 3 Leaked to tenderly wipe the speaker barbecues.

4. Try Your AirPods With Another Device.

On the off chance that you attempted every one of the techniques above, over and over, and you don’t discover any improvement, then, at that point you’ll have to discover whether your AirPods are defective somehow or another. A couple have recommended that to distinguish whether your AirPods are truly flawed, then, at that point associate your AirPods to one of your different gadgets like PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and so forth

Once associated, play a video or a melody to discover how well the AirPods sound.

Assuming the AirPods turn out great on the other gadget, your unique gadget may require a reset in its settings.

Here’s the manner by which you reset your settings on your iPhone or iPad:

One Airpod Louder

  1. Hop into your Settings application and afterward tap General.
  2. Then, select Reset.
  3. Ultimately, select Reset All Settings. As Apple states, resetting all settings incorporates — your organization settings/Wi-Fi passwords, the console word reference, the Home screen format, area settings, security settings, and Apple Pay cards are eliminated or reset to their defaults. None of your information or media are erased.

5. Visit Apple and Ask For Replacement.

Assuming none of the above strategies work, a speedy visit to your closest Apple Authorized Service Provider. Will permit you to talk with them and furthermore meet all requirements for a substitution. In the event that you have AppleCare, you may meet all requirements for substitution too.

On the off chance that you feel like not burning through. Your time going right to the shop and afterward conversing. With them and you would very much want. An online arrangement, why not have a go at reaching them for help.

Bounce onto Apple’s Get Support site, click One Airpod Louder and afterward click Audio Quality and visit with them.

Go ahead and go through the numerous tips and guidance from the numerous supportive remarks posted. By other people who had a similar issue underneath. Tell us down beneath in the event that you tracked down. A superior alternative and we will refresh the article with your credit.

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