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Oxenfree 2 – How to Help Hank


In the atmospheric world of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, players are thrust into a narrative-driven adventure filled with mystery, supernatural elements, and complex characters. Among these characters is Hank, a pivotal figure in the storyline who finds himself in need of assistance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of helping Hank in Oxenfree 2, offering strategies, insights, and solutions to navigate his challenges and shape the course of the game.

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Understanding Hank’s Plight

Hank’s plight in Oxenfree 2 is integral to the game’s narrative, as his story intertwines with the broader themes of loss, redemption, and personal growth. Without revealing too much of the plot, Hank faces challenges that test his resolve, confront his past, and shape his future. Understanding the intricacies of Hank’s character and his motivations is crucial for players looking to provide meaningful assistance and influence his storyline.

How to Help Hank

To finish this prize, you have to pick up an object. Before you first chat to Hank on the walkie-talkie, you can get it. If you use your walkietalkie’s second line to play “hot and cold” with someone, it will eventually lead you to a cave on Horseshoe Beach. Entering there could lead to an interaction with a shoe that initiates a beach scene with Rex. You can explore the building at the bottom right of the settlement when you eventually find yourself in the Garland Ghost settlement.

Oxenfree 2 - How to Help Hank

The postman will use this as his workplace. A flash will greet you as you go in, and Hank will phone to let you know that he’s looking into strange happenings. He wants you to take a strange picture of him in punishment for you messing with his career. Take on the assignment. That sounds like a bad plan, but Jacob will say, “Well… Maybe.” After that, engage with the dwelling unit to activate it.

Use your caster to open the tear, and then use the EMF transmitters to change the year in which the tear will take you. One above you changes the decade, and the one next to the rip changes the century. Make sure the EMF transmitters at the tear and up the ladder are set to “3” and “9,” respectively, since you are helping Hank in 1930. There should be a man sitting outside the structure.

Oxenfree 2 - How to Help Hank

Engage the man in conversation to get Jacob to take a picture. Once the tear has dried, you can give Hank a call. Saying “I Have A Shoe?” in response to Hank will make him wish he had more concrete evidence. He’ll take your idea and ask you to put it in the safe deposit box at the post office. Go back there and carry out the action. He will then give his wife to Hank after their final conversation; following their conversation, Hank will express gratitude and the trophy will materialize.

Offering Support

As players learn more about Hank’s past and present struggles, they have opportunities to offer support and assistance in Oxenfree 2. This may involve providing emotional support and encouragement, offering practical help with tasks or challenges, or guiding Hank toward resources and opportunities for growth and healing. By standing by Hank’s side and offering a helping hand, players can make a profound difference in his journey.

Making Choices

Helping Hank in Oxenfree 2 involves making choices that impact his storyline and ultimate fate. Players must weigh the consequences of their actions and decisions, considering Hank’s well-being and the broader implications for the town of Camena. Whether it’s offering words of wisdom, intervening in a crisis, or confronting difficult truths, every choice shapes Hank’s narrative and the outcome of his story.


Are there specific tasks or challenges players must help Hank with in Oxenfree 2?

While there may not be specific tasks or challenges assigned to helping Hank in Oxenfree 2, players can assist him with various aspects of his journey, such as confronting his past, navigating supernatural threats, and finding redemption through their interactions and choices.

Do player choices impact Hank’s storyline and ultimate fate in Oxenfree 2?

Yes, player choices in Oxenfree 2 can significantly impact Hank’s storyline and ultimate fate. The decisions players make throughout the game influence Hank’s character development, relationships with other characters, and the outcome of his personal journey.

Can Hank be saved or redeemed in Oxenfree 2?

Whether Hank can be saved or redeemed in Oxenfree 2 depends on the choices players make and the actions they take throughout the game. By offering support, guidance, and empathy, players can help Hank confront his demons and find closure and redemption in his journey.

What are the consequences of not helping Hank in Oxenfree 2?

Failing to help Hank in Oxenfree 2 may have consequences for his character development, relationships with other characters, and the overall narrative of the game. Hank’s fate and the outcome of his storyline may vary depending on the choices players make and the level of support they offer him throughout the game.


In the ever-shifting world of Oxenfree 2, helping Hank is a journey of empathy, discovery, and redemption. By building rapport, uncovering his past, offering support, making choices, confronting the supernatural, and finding redemption together, players and Hank embark on a transformative journey that resonates long after the credits roll. So, venture forth, brave adventurer, and may your journey with Hank in Oxenfree 2 be a testament to the enduring power of empathy and human connection.