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Paleo Pines: All Dreamstone Locations And How to Get Them


In Italic Pig’s dinosaur farm simulation game Paleo Pines, dreamstones are essential to dinosaur maintenance. Dinosaurs at Paleo Pines require a wide range of care, including enough food, space in their pens, attention, and more. Every dinosaur needs dream stones, mysterious pink gems resembling quartz, to solace and help them fall asleep.Thankfully, dream stones come in various shapes and sizes for players to discover as they explore the vast island setting and other locations within the amazing dinosaur game, such as the Veridian Valley opening area. You will learn all of the Dreamstone locations in the Palaeo pines from this post:

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Dreamstone Locations In Veridian Valley

There are around 18 dreamstones to find in Veridian Valley, and they come in two sizes (large and little) as indicated by the large and tiny pink circles above. The final huge dreamstone, accessible to Paleo Pines after restoring a piece of the Mysterious Garden in the northeast of the map, can be found there.

Paleo Pines: All Dreamstone Locations And How to Get Them

More dreamstones can be discovered in the Dapplewood forest and the desert as the player progresses through the game and unlocks more of the landscape. However, players will need to make friends with dinosaurs that have the smasher, stomper, and slasher powers in order to collect all of the dreamstones.

The only two sizes of dreamstones found in Paleo Pines are too big for a little dinosaur like a Pssittacosaurus and too small for a massive one like a Tyrannosaurus rex.

How To Get Dreamstone

Most dreamstones, ranging in size from little to huge, are obtainable in the wild and can be found all across the map of Paleo Pines. Many, however, are tucked away beneath thorn bushes, tree branches, and rocks, requiring the use of other dinosaurs, such as the Smasher Styracosaurus for rocks and the Stomper Ankylosaurus for logs, to uncover them.

Paleo Pines: All Dreamstone Locations And How to Get Them

Marlo, the town carpenter, also sells dreamstones and takes bespoke orders. However, these can only be purchased using the in-game shell currency, which can be earned by performing tasks and is occasionally given to players as a reward. A little dreamstone sleeping patch from Marlo costs 150 shells, while a big one costs 250 shells, and both take one in-game day to arrive at the ranch mailbox after being ordered. Dreamstones can be given to the player as a prize or gift from certain NPCs.

Paleo Pines: All Dreamstone Locations And How to Get Them

To make a safe sleeping space for the dinosaurs, players need place a dreamstone inside a pen for each dinosaur. Collectibles such as dandelions, fiber, and wood can give dreamstone sleeping patches a more enticing, tent-style appearance. A pen’s biome can be altered during an upgrade. In order for the dinosaurs on the player’s ranch to be content and continue living there, the player must provide them with a dreamstone.


Where are the dreamstones in Paleo Pines?

Dreamstones are widespread in the three biomes of Veridian Valley, Dapplewood Forest, and Ariacotta Canyon, and are most commonly found in clusters, or large, unbreakable deposits. You can also spot them in the open along trails and fields, or hiding in the bushes.

How do you clear the boulder in Paleo Pines?

In order to get past the boulder blocking the path to Dapplewood, players from Paleo Pines will need to make friends with a Smasher dinosaur, such as a Styracosaurus.

How do you tame dinosaurs in Paleo Pines?

They are not domesticable, so no one can tame them. Befriending is the only way to interact with them, and once friends, they are free to come and go as they please. These dinosaurs will stick around if the player takes the time to show them love and tend to their needs.

How do you change biomes in Paleo Pines?

The player can alter a pen’s biome by decorating it with the appropriate items. The player will receive a message and the pen’s appearance will change to reflect the biome type if they have enough decorations of that type based on the pen’s scale.